UPDATE! YES, Roderick Anagal eligible for parole? He’s out of prison, back on Facebook, etc.


Here he is on Facebook:




With a blonde.  Hope she knows what she’s getting herself into!

Still a registered VIOLENT OFFENDER, we think?: (page would not display)

Image Not Available, ANAGAL,Roderick Charles, 3306 1/2 3rd Avenue North, Billings, Assault with a Weapon,


Anagal had stabbed a man six times, twice in the throat, leaving him disabled in Kallispell on the Flathead Reservation, MT. Read more below and in other posts here.  He served very little of his 10 years suspended of a 20 year sentence.   OUT in about 2 years.

Look for him in a neighborhood near YOU!  Montana, Arizona? (Home town, Chinle, Apache Co., AZ), Who knows…?

Better picture of Rod Anagal from inside his cell from one of his other public accounts below here in posts. 

Katfirewoman Cares about WOMEN & MEN who are victims of violent criminals!

PREVIOUSLY: (2/10/2011)

Rod Anagal is still on MySpace.  Roderick C. Anagal was awaiting his psychological evaluation in October and November 2010, before he was to be released on parole (after serving LESS THAN 2 YEARS of a 10 yr. sentence.  (WAS ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE; GIVEN 20 YEARS; GOT 10 YEARS SUSPENDED!).  In December 2010 the Montana Dept. of Justice granted Roderick C. Anagal parole based on completion of his pre-release program at Alpha House in Billings.  Anagal had been sentenced to only 10 years in prison  but pled guilty to Assault w/ a weapon in Jan. 2009 for stabbing a man 6 times.

Roderick Charles Anagal is almost free on parole.

Anagal is supposed to pay restitution,  to the un-named man that he stabbed, in the  amount of $19,000.00 (the man has permanent damage).  Seems to us he violated his pre-release and should never have been eligible for parole!

Roderick C. Anagal has been on Facebook, MySpace, & Plentyoffish dating site where he can prey on unsuspecting women.   A woman did contact us asking about him, then removed him from her Facebook. The MT DOJ is aware of his activities, and he is a REGISTERED VIOLENT OFFENDER in MT.  Yet he is getting paroled?

 http://www.abcmontana.com/news/state/37709144.html?sitemap=rss (His sentencing article).

We must wonder WHERE is the JUSTICE?

We want to know where he is going, where he will be registered as a violent offender, and if the people in Chinle, Arizona (and everywhere!) will be preserved from his violence?!

We want to know more about the outstanding warrant he has in New Mexico as well.

We’d like to know if his DNA was ever tested to match the remains of homicide victim Jilleda Jay John, (Navajo).  (See related posts here).

 We’d like to know if his (FELON) DNA was tested at Jilleda Jay John’s Crime Scene.  (of CHINLE, APACHE CO., AZ) 


Roderick C. Anagal’s BROTHER, Ramaris Anagal,  is in prison (25 years) for the kidnapping  and RAPE of Jilleda Jay John, found murdered before the sentencing process was over.   Jilleda was under F.B.I. PROTECTION when she was murdered.  Roderick left Chinle the day Jilleda’s body was found.

(“Rod”, why not WILLINGLY offer the DNA test if innocent?)

We’d like to know much more, but the following is all the Montana Department of Justice is saying…now.

State of Montana – Board of Pardons and ParoleDOC ID Offender NamePre Board Hearings ListCrimeMonth: 11-2010HearingBillings Pre-Release Center (Alpha House) Assault w/a Weapon    


Eligibility Date


(SO TINY: ASSAULT W/A WEAPON (Better?) STABBED A MAN 6 times causing permanent diability!) 

10/8/2010 A

3001268 ANAGAL, Roderick Charles

State of Montana – Board of Pardons and Parole. DOC ID. Offender Name. Parole. Eligibility Date ANAGAL, Roderick Charles. 10/8/2010. Assault w/a Weapon …. RIDGLEY, Hugh C. 6/21/2009. Theft (RSS); Criminal Mischief (RSS);

Original sentencing article:


( NOTE: Roderick C. Anagal is referred to as being a “Kalispell” man.  He is actually a Navajo man from Chinle, AZ.)



N = NONE Violent offenders are not given a tier level designation (ONLY CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS HAVE “TIERS”)

Image Not Available ANAGAL,Roderick Charles 104 North 31st Billings Assault with a Weapon V N

The above is his VIOLENT OFFENDER registration.  No image?  Anagal put his image up from his jail cell on one of his social networks that he shouldn’t have been on.   (Guess he had an illegal cell phone with a camera in his jail cell as well.  We have his picture, why doesn’t Montana?  And, he’s getting out despite the many infractions of his “Pre-release” program?

You can also see his picture from the court hearing article link.

Luckily we have ALL of the .pdf downloads (and pictures) in regards to Mr. Roderick Charles Anagal,  since the files seemed to have disappeared from the net.  Especially what the criteria is for his parole.  No bars, No gambling, No casinos, Drug & Alcohol registration and aftercare.  Must attend D&A support groups.  Must not drink or take drugs. Must pay his child support.  Must “take care of the WARRANT in NEW MEXICO”.  

We  wonder how much Mr. Roderick C. Anagal will be “followed-up” on?  Too many cases of VIOLENT OFFENDERS on PAROLE are not followed closely.   Until they commit another crime?


Stay tuned for an update!

Katfirewoman Cares

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Crime~”Indian Country” migrated~Mission/Purpose/Info

Note:  Since Window’s Live SPACES closed, we had to move to WordPress here.  Change is always difficult, but we decided that the work we do here is just too important to let our blog be deleted or lost in the ether world. 

Our Purpose & Mission:

To bring to light (and to engage the public in helping to solve) the too often untold or under-reported crimes, especially UNSOLVED crimes relating to “Native American”, “American Indian”, “Indigenous People”, “Native People”, “Indian Tribes”,  “First Nations”, “Metisse”,   and all of the other “politically correct/incorrect”  names for PEOPLE who have suffered the horrible loss of a loved one as a victim of Homicide, or who is Missing in what we call “Indian Country”.  We aim to bring these cases to the public with the goal of  someone, somewhere,  seeing and reading these posts, coming forward by contacting their local police, 911, or the numbers given in specific cases herein, to SOLVE these cases.   We also want to help our readers become aware of the difficulties that Tribal Nations and their members face when a family member is murdered or “goes missing”. 

We also hope to help & support any family who has lost a loved one and who have a need for advocacy.  Often, the police, F.B.I.,  local tribal government, & county level government officials “shut out” families who want answers and who are hurting.  This blog is for them. 

We will research cases, post news articles Under Fair Use Act, post photographs, research laws, find/post information & updates, write letters to newspapers, call on officials, and anything else within the realm of possibility, that can be done to help.    We will post any data that is legitimate which is sent to us about Unsolved cases.  However, since so many websites already exist for “non-native” people outside of “reservations”, we will focus on “Crimes in “Indian Country” on/off reserves”.   That is not to say that we will not help someone truly in need of help, support, and advocacy.  (We also recognize that Indigenous People are from all parts of the world, and that “people of color” are also greatly discounted in mainstream media in these matters.  Therefore, we will likely help in those cases as well, if we can.)

Law & Order:

The laws are very different for each Sovereign Tribal Nation, and are changing even more from day to day.  “Grey areas” of “law”,  and the way that criminal cases are handled vary greatly.   Tribal Nations have recently gained more “power” over crime, such as housing their criminals ouside of their, often small , Tribal jail facilities, in other states. See:  http://www.narf.org/pubs/nlr/nlr34-1.pdf   President Obama has also signed a Bill to strengthen Tribes’ abilities to handle their own criminal matters.   

Yet, there is also “Major Crimes Act” which states that certain crimes, such as Homicides, must be reported to the B.I.A. (Bureau of Indian Affairs), and the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation).  However, many Tribes label these homicides (and other crimes) as “Foul Play” (possibly due to “Sovereignty” issues; wanting to control their own affairs). 

Sadly, improper forensic examinations of crime scenes and evidence are sometimes the norm.  Lack of attention to important and thorough examination of crime scenes is possibly because many Tribal Nations do not have the man-power and forensic capabilities to do a proper investigation.   In fact, many “non-native” communities do not have the ability or possess the equipment needed to perform proper investigations of crimes.  What one sees on  televison programs, such as C.S.I. for example, is not what usually happens in a crime investigation.   In fact, few states have CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) databases in counties of states, let alone reservations which are often in remote areas.  Fingerprinting, criminal records/data, DNA, and other forensic “tools” are really not as readily available as “yellow crime scene tape” is.  (Even such tape is either not available or is not used in some of the cases that you will learn about here.)   

More challenges:

Even though a convicted “felon” now must have their DNA in a databank, the DNA is not available at the bid of an agency.  Unless “that” person is “charged with a crime”, not just a POI (Person of Interest), there is a long, involved process which must be followed to get the DNA of that person by Subpoena (a court order), by the proper authorities, such as the Attorney General of a state IF he/she deems the case important enough to pursue criminal charges.  

Sadly, too many unsolved cases in “Indian Country” remain as such as a result.

We hope to change these things, one case at a time.  At the very least, we will keep those lost loved ones in the news until there is resolution & justice in the cases herein.   Someone is missing a Loved One.  Someone needs answers.  


Let us Gather & Dance Together to Help & Heal


Thank you to all who visit here. We welcome your help and support.  We cannot do this work without your help.  Please help us help families whose stories “migrated” with us here in “Crime”~”Indian Country”.

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Irving Audiss Jr. : 20 YR. UNSOLVED CASE (SD)

It has been 20 years this month since the body of Irving Audiss, Jr.  was found dead.   He was a 32 year-old Lakota man enrolled at Rosebud Indian Reservation in SD.  His death is considered a suspicious HOMICIDE!
(Photo provided by family)
Irving was a father of 3 young children, now grown.  He was the eldest of 8 children.  His mother and father survive him.  Everyone’s hearts are still hurting with no
resolve in this matter nor answers from the police or community in Rapid City, South Dakota.
But, someone HAD to have seen something!  Irving was 6’2" tall, 210 pounds,  and had been "placed" in the water of a creek off Omaha St. 
"Placed".  Or so stated a retired Pennington County retired detective who had worked on the case.
Contrarily, the family stated that Irving was "dragged" to the water, as there were boot mark scrapes from his boots leaving the parking lot at the tennis court to the
According to the family there were also other "FACTS" not in the news article NOR the AUTOPSY! (which was "inconclusive"):
Irving Audiss, Jr., had "BLACK STICK MARKS" (like a "baton" might leave?) "ON THE BACK OF BOTH OF HIS HANDS"; "Like defensive wounds"
Irving had a "Cut above his head" 
Irving had what "appeared to be a BROKEN JAW" according to family members who had identified his body
Irving was found in the creek at 10 am. the following morning by fishermen.
At least 500 people attended his funeral; WHO would want Irving dead?
He was well liked by all accounts, a hard worker, a family man… He had played baseball and was good at it… He had learned the brick-layer/masonry trade and was good at it… He helped his father as a truck driver.  He was an auto mechanic and helped many out of the goodness of his heart… a wonderful son & brother who looked out after his sisters… he was a "talented artist",  and loved his family…
Then, there are the rumors…
Rumors that leave the family with broken hearts and wondering… yet, they knew their son "was a good boy"… :
"Irving was at a bar and got into what "seemed like a fight"
Irving took a "shot" of something at a party and died on the spot; they reversed the drug so it wouldn’t be found in his body???????   WHAT!??????
They had to dump him in the river because of the immediate death from the "shot"… He was last seen in a "BLACK TRUCK".
What bar?  What party?  How many "Black Trucks" are there, were there, in Rapid City in 1990??????
WHO saw, WHAT happen, WHEN, and WHERE?  HOW???   WHY????
No answers… In what was then an even much smaller community NO ONE knows anything?????   
"Irving was a drinker"… Or so the article above seemed to focus on that.
So what if he did drink?  Did he deserve to be killed or left to die, or dragged into a creek? 
WHY weren’t the Police called??
WHY not an ambulance?
The distance from the alledged bar where "a fight" occured is between 1-2 miles to the tennis court and the creek behind that.
The LOCAL Rapid City Police investigated the crime, and have NOT solved this case in 20 years.  In fact, they state that there are "only a handful of unsolved deaths" "potential homicides"  in Rapid City.  (Many of us know for a FACT that there are way more UNSOLVED deaths/Homicides in "Indian country"… and Rapid City, not counting THE MISSING!)
BUT, you also need to know that 7 or 8 OTHER BODIES were found above the spot where Irving was found in the 1990’s!
Now, I for one would definately like to know more about those cases and if they were solved or remain "COLD CASES"?!
Interestingly, the autopsy shows NO TIME OF DEATH!  Yet, Irving was found at just 10 am. the following day?
The death certificate for Irving (highly irregular to have been issued, BTW, in an UNSOLVED "homicidal in nature" case)  states "NOTHING SPECIFIC" as to cause of death! 
In fact, even the alcohol in Irving Audiss, Jr. was NOT ENOUGH TO KILL HIM!  NOTHING "ELSE" SHOWED UP IN HIS AUTOPSY!  Not even the purported "marijuana he had smoked that night" according to another "rumor". 
WHERE did the police get the info that Irving was thrown out of ("ejected from")  a "North Rapids" bar for "intoxication"?  HOW do the police know that if they can’t follow the whereabouts of Irving that fateful night?   WHO told them that?  WHERE did he go AFTER that?  WHAT Black Truck?  What bar?  Who saw him there or kicked him out?  
Questions… and more questions…
What is wrong with this picture?
Something stinks and it isn’t the fish in the creek!
We applaud the eforts of The Rapid City Journal and the article by
 Andrea Cook at 394-8423 or andrea.cook@rapidcityjournal.com
We appreciate the cooperation of the Rapid City Retired Police Detective Chris Grant, as well as the hopefully renewed interest in this UNSOLVED CRIME by
Capt. Deb Cady who is supposed to be reviewing the case according to family and the article linked here.
We mourn along with the family of Irving Audis, jr. and our deepest, heart-felt condolences go out to them.  We appreciate their help and input into this additional article!  We PRAY along with them that answers will come from our small effort to help here.   PLEASE HELP US!?  Feel free to circulate this article by katfirewoman who cares…
CRIMESTOPPERS  1-800-222-TIPS or http://www.crimestoppersusa.com/
The BIA nor the FBI were never called; Under Major Crimes Act, a homicide investigation must be done by both if an enrolled American Indian is involved!
Only the LOCAL POLICE investigated.
His sister had recently contacted the Rapid City P.D. in South Dakota and the Rapid City Journal newspaper on the anniversary of his UNSOLVED death, and a story was run due to her efforts.  Thank you, Bridget… and Mother for the info here.
Here’s the article link:
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Jilleda Jay John Remembered Tonight ARIZONA (UNSOLVED HOMICIDE)

Here’s the news articles:
DEL MUERTO, Ariz., Oct. 16, 2008

Two-and-a-half years after her badly decomposed body was found on a Canyon del Muerto road, the family of
Jilleda Jay John laid her to rest last Tuesday.

It was a lovely, if late, funeral, the family agreed, on the kind of crisp fall day where you can almost hear
the piñon cones popping open on the canyon rim.

But, as John’s aunt Cynthia Hunter put it, "There was a big question mark" hanging over the service.

The big question is, who killed Jilleda?

But, after talking to the family, it’s evident there are lots of little questions floating about as well.

Why, in a case with enough evidence to fill an entire season of "CSI," are there still no suspects? Why did it
take the FBI two and a half years to positively identify the body and return the remains to the family? Why is
the family not being kept in the loop on the investigation?

And, perhaps the most hurtful: "Why is it that when a white tourist falls into the canyon, every search and
rescue group from miles around shows up to look for them, but when one of our own Native girls disappears,
the family has to organize a search themselves?"

From : http://www.navajotimes.com/news/index.php
October 16, 2008 NEWS

Jonavin John, 4, and his grandmother Lorraine Walker pose with a drawing of John’s late mother and Walker’s
daughter Jilleda John in Del Muerto, Ariz.

Family stonewalled in murder case
Still no charges in 2-year-old Del Muerto murder case; family finally allowed to bury woman

By Cindy Yurth
Tséyi’ Bureau

 (Times photo – Donovan Quintero)

DEL MUERTO, Ariz., Oct. 16, 2008

T wo-and-a-half years after her badly decomposed body was found on a Canyon del Muerto road, the family of
Jilleda Jay John laid her to rest last Tuesday.

It was a lovely, if late, funeral, the family agreed, on the kind of crisp fall day where you can almost hear
the piñon cones popping open on the canyon rim.

But, as John’s aunt Cynthia Hunter put it, "There was a big question mark" hanging over the service.

The big question is, who killed Jilleda?

…(It’s) evident there are lots of little questions floating about as well.

Why, in a case with enough evidence to fill an entire season of "CSI," are there still no suspects? Why did it
take the FBI two and a half years to positively identify the body and return the remains to the family? Why
is the family not being kept in the loop on the investigation?

And, perhaps the most hurtful: "Why is it that when a white tourist falls into the canyon, every search and
rescue group from miles around shows up to look for them, but when one of our own Native girls disappears, the
family has to organize a search themselves?"

That’s Hunter again. And, she admits, that’s not quite true – the Navajo Police did eventually do a search,
but only after the family, unable to get them to respond, called the Apache County Sheriff’s Office, which
sent deputies in immediately.

The tribe’s Criminal Investigation Administration office in Chinle, which is handling the case along with the
FBI, referred this reporter to CI headquarters in Window Rock, which referred her to Navajo Police headquarters,
which didn’t return the call.

Manuel Johnson, FBI special agent in charge of media relations for Arizona, confirmed the case is still active
and is being handled by the FBI’s Gallup office. Beyond that, he said, he doesn’t know any details and wouldn’t
be authorized to release them if he did.

This is pretty typical treatment of the press when it comes to active murder cases. But family members say
they’re being stonewalled too.

"Nobody tells us anything," said Joanne Hunter, another aunt of John’s. "We have to call and ask how it’s going,
and they say, ‘No suspects yet.’ That’s all."

John, 22, left her home on the canyon rim on March 6, 2006, and didn’t come home that night. At first, the family
wasn’t too concerned … John had a history of depression and sometimes took short trips to clear her head.

But after they didn’t hear from her for two weeks, they became concerned and reported her missing.

From the start, Joanne said, the police didn’t seem to take the report seriously.

"When they found out she had a history of this kind of thing, they said, ‘Oh, she’s just hiding from you,’" she
recalled. "But we know her pattern. She always calls after a day or two and says, ‘Oh, I’m at so-and-so’s house.’
She never stayed away more than three days."


The family later learned that John had been spotted twice the night she left.

A bus driver had given her a ride to Chinle and dropped her off near the Chinle School District’s transportation
barn. A school district security guard at the site spoke to her briefly and noticed she seemed to be frightened
of something. He called the police, but by the time they responded, she had walked away and they didn’t locate

"If they had just tried a little harder to find her, maybe they would have brought her home and we wouldn’t
be having a funeral," Cynthia said.

When the police didn’t immediately organize a search, Joanne said, the family got together some volunteers from
the community and searched the canyon rim. When the sheriff’s deputies responded, they searched the entire Twin
Trails, as John’s home is located at the trailhead.

The family continued periodic searches for the next two months. They also hung posters with John’s picture and
alerted the local media. But the missing-person posters mysteriously disappeared, sometimes within an hour of
being hung.

"We tried to get the police to have an undercover officer hang around where we had a poster and see who took it
down, but they said they didn’t have time for that," Joanne recalled.

By mid-May, police reportedly told John’s family the likelihood of her being found alive was slim. The family
called off the search.

On June 16, 2006, a National Park Service employee was doing a survey of dirt roads in the canyon. He was driving
down Hanging Ladder Road, a back entrance to Mummy Cave, when he encountered an apparently manmade roadblock:
a pile of branches in the middle of the road.

The ranger moved the branches and proceeded, only to find another pile a little farther down the road. Then
another. Intent on his task, the ranger kept removing the piles and driving on.

Behind the last pile, a grisly sight awaited him: a human body so badly decomposed he couldn’t tell if it was
male or female.

The ranger immediately notified police, but it wasn’t until two days later that John’s family learned of the
discovery – not from the police but from a Park Service volunteer who just thought they should know.

"The fact that they knew we were searching for our niece all that time and they wouldn’t even tell us when
remains were found is really distressing," Joanne said.

That would be just the beginning of the distress John’s family continues to feel to this day.

After a few days, the family ventured out to the site. "We just felt like we should see it," Joanne said.

They were surprised to find it wasn’t secured or marked off with yellow crime scene tape. But they were even
more surprised at what the police had evidently missed.

What police missed

According to Joanne, there were clear tire tracks and footprints in the dried mud that indicated a chase and
a struggle – raising the distinct possibility that this was more than the spot where someone dumped her body –
it was where she died.

Near what looked like "a big grease spot," apparently where John’s body had lain, the aunts found bones and an
amber taillight fragment with some numbers on it.

About 50 yards from the apparent murder scene, they found a pile of clothes – mostly John’s, but there was also
an extra-large T-shirt with a logo from a softball tournament in Lukachukai.

The family was thrilled with what appeared to be some very good leads. But when they presented the items to the
police, they said, they were met with a lukewarm reception.

"They said, ‘That’s a crime scene. You shouldn’t have been there,’" Joanne recalled.

Joanne said she also hasn’t been told whether the police followed up on another important lead the family gave
them: John had been scheduled to testify in a case against an alleged drug dealer on March 8 – two days after she

"I’m not a detective, but I watch a lot of ‘CSI,’" said Sylvia Watchman, another aunt. "They’re always able to
solve the crime with a lot less evidence than we have in this case."

As the months dragged by, the family started wondering when they would be able to bury their niece and daughter.
They understood that her body was being held as evidence, but it seemed as though ample time had transpired for
the police to get what they needed from the bones.

When Joanne inquired, "I was told they hadn’t positively identified her yet," she said. "She was being held
in the morgue as a Jane Doe."

Several DNA tests were inconclusive, and at one point, the bones were divided and some were sent to a crime
lab in Virginia. Joanne isn’t sure why.

Finally, a few weeks ago, the bones were presented to the family, positively identified as their relative.
They were buried in the family plot after the funeral.

"It’s good we were able to lay her to rest," said Jancinta Towne, another aunt. "But we’re still not at peace.
She was a good-hearted person. She didn’t deserve to die that way. She deserves justice."

Cynthia said she hopes that someone who knows something about the murder will read this story and come forward.

"We have a little boy here without a mother," she said, referring to John’s son, now 4. "Please, come and clear
your conscience. Let us put this to rest at last."

April 1, 2006

cache of http://www.gallupindependent.com/2006/apr/040106missing.html
Page not available except in Cached

Family seeking Chinle woman
missing one month
By Independent Staff

GALLUP — A Chinle, Ariz., woman disappeared nearly a month ago, and worried family members are asking the public

for help in locating her.

Jilleda "Jill" John, 22, was reportedly last seen in Del Mureto, Ariz. on March 7, 2006. Family members describe
John as 5′ 5" in height and about 160 pounds. She was last seen wearing black sweat pants with a white stripe
down the side of the pant legs, a gray sweater, and white tennis shoes.

On March 21, the family filed a missing persons report with the Navajo Police Department in Chinle.

(family info removed here)

… it is unlike her to be gone for such a long time without contacting her family. John has a
2-year-old child who is being cared for by family members.

John’s mother and aunt said they are hoping for a phone call from John, assuring them she is OK.

Anyone who has information about Jilleda John’s disappearance is asked to call  (family phone removed) 
the Navajo Police Department in Chinle at (928) 674-2111

(Or Call 911 Anywhere) You can remain anonymous with a tip!) Katfirewoman Cares

Articles Reposted under Fair Use Act

 Katfirewoman Cares  

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Beware of Roderick C. Anagal; Violent Offender MT! & Candlelight Service for Jilleda Jay John

It has been brought to our attention that Roderick Charles Anagal, in a pre-release program at Alpha House, Billings, MT, after serving only a year and 1/2 of his 20 year/10 year suspended sentence for assaulting an un-named man on the Flathead Reservation at a Kallispell Casino, has a MYSPACE and has been contacting women.  Authorities at the Alpha House have been alerted to Anagal’s illegal use of computer social websites yet the sites remain. We are extremely concerned for women he has contacted since they likely do not know that Roderick Charles Anagal is on the Montana Violent Offenders Registry, yet his site says nothing about his "Violent Offender" status! Please BEWARE of this man! Montana Dept. of Corrections needs to find out how he bought a cell phone, where he is keeping it, and get him OFF The Internet where he can prey on unsuspecting women!
 BEWARE of this man who stabbed a man 6 times (including twice in the throat!  (Roderick Charles Anagal, from Navajo Nation, not Kallispell/Flathead Reserve; he left for Montana the day that a body was found on the Navajo Reservation)
On June 16, 2010, (went missing in March 2006, her body was found on June 16, 2006) a Candlelight Vigil will be held for Jilleda Jay John, a young Navajo mother who was murdered at Mummy Cave in Canyon de Chelley.  Please keep Jill in your thoughts and prayers.  Her case remains UNSOLVED for now…
Katfirewoman Cares
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Roderick Anagal, violent offender in pre-release program MT!

Roderick Anagal, a person of interest in the Unsolved murder of Jilleda Jay John, Navajo, is in a pre-release program in Montana after serving very little time in a violent attempted murder/assault with a deadly weapon case at a Flathead Reservation Casino in Montana, where he fled after Jill’s body was found.   We are extremely concerned and are awaiting phone calls returned by his case worker whom we have alerted that Roderick Anagal’s DNA (as a felon) needs to be collected and checked for a match with the Chinle Police Dept. in Arizona, as well as the C.I.’s and F.B.I. working on the now "cold case" of Jillleda Jay John.   We cannot allow this man to be released without his DNA being checked and a complete investigation into his whereabouts on the night that Jilleda was murdered!  Is He SLIPPING THRU THE CRACKS!?  Is a murderer being released?! 
Roderick Anagal was named by someone in prison as a possible likely suspect in  Jill’s murder!
We appeal to the Montana Dept. of Justice to please do the DNA test before a possible murderer is allowed to be released and return to the Navajo Nation.
We appreciate the Montana Registered Offenders site which alerted us to the fact that Roderick Anagal is in a pre-release program!  We pray that he will be detained further and must register if released elsewhere despite our pleas!
Name: Anagal, Roderick Charles
Offender Type: Violent
Also Known As: Anagal, Roderick
Primary Address: 104 N 31st               



(A Correctional Facility for Pre-Release)



City: Billings State: MT Zip Code: 59101
County: Yellowstone
Montana Statute: Assault With A Weapon Counts: 1

Sentence Date: 01/15/2009

Agency: Yellowstone County Sheriff Phone: (406) 256-2929

Registrant Information Updated: 01/29/2010 11:35:25 AM
Source: Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registry

Registrant Information Updated: 01/29/2010 11:35:25 AM
Source: Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registry







(Roderick Anagal stabbed a man SIX times, including in the throat!   We will repost the articles on this which are no longer on the web!)
Please call the facility below and tell them you want to alert them to the fact that Roderick Anagal, whose brother Ramaris Anagal was sentenced to 3 300 month+120 month sentences (serving consecutively; lost a recent appeal) in the kidnapping and rape of Jilleda Jay John and another female, should NOT be released!
(406) 248-5851
(406) 259-0764 Fax
Ask to speak with his caseworker.   Let’s not let a potentially likely murderer to get out early and kill or assault an innocent person!
More on Ramaris Anagal’s Rape and abduction of Jilleda Jay John:
Independent – May 23, 2006: Chinle man gets 25 years for rape

May 23, 2006 Ramaris Paul Anagal, 32, was found guilty by a federal grand jury on Sept. 15, 2005, of three counts of aggravated sexual assault and one
(We are NOT making this up folks!  The above link is broken and used to be viewable in Cached version; Luckily the articles are saved and will be reposted HERE Under Fair Use Act.
Jilleda Jay John was murdered while "under protection" of the F.B.I. from Shiprock!   She was killed before Ramaris Anagal was sentenced!  Perhaps his sentence would have been longer had Jill been able to attend the sentencing hearing and was still ALIVE!
Above link has offender types.  And Tiers.
Roderick Anagal has 1 count of Assault with a deadly weapon as per above.
Defines Assault with a deadly weapon and sentencing guidelines:
 45-5-213. Assault with weapon. (1) A person commits the offense of assault with a weapon if the person purposely or knowingly causes:
     (a) bodily injury to another with a weapon; or
     (b) reasonable apprehension of serious bodily injury in another by use of a weapon or what reasonably appears to be a weapon.
     (2) (a) Subject to the provisions of subsection (2)(b), a person convicted of assault with a weapon shall be imprisoned in the state prison for a term not to exceed 20 years or be fined not more than $50,000, or both.
     (b) In addition to any sentence imposed under subsection (2)(a), if the person convicted of assault with a weapon is a partner or family member of the victim, as defined in 45-5-206, the person is required to pay for and complete a counseling assessment as required in 45-5-206(4).

     History: En. Sec. 7, Ch. 432, L. 1999.

Roderick Anagal was to receive 10 YEARS in prison and provide monetary compensation to his VICTIM who was not a family member.

SO, WHY is he being released so soon?

Back to Ramaris Anagal, Roderick’s brother and Rapist/Kidnapper of Jilleda Jay John:

Ramaris had a long history of criminal activity.  A rap-sheet that an "unknown judge" dismissed most of his charges over the last many years:


Last month, the suspect, Ramaris Anagal, 26, of Chinle, Ariz., was arrested with two other men for allegedly burglarizing three residences in the Black Rock
What else did they both do that they never got caught for?!
Take a look at this link for part of what Ramaris Anagal did to Jilleda Jay John and his own girlfriend whose finger he BIT OFF!

Chinle Man Sentenced to 25 Years for Sexual Assault
Mon, May 22nd, 2006

Raped two women and bit off one woman’s finger tip

PHOENIX – Ramaris Paul Anagal, 32, of Chinle, Ariz., was sentenced on May 22, 2006 to 25 years in prison by U.S. District Judge Roger G. Strand. Anagal had been found guilty by a federal jury on September 15, 2005 of three counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse and one count of Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury.

Anagal beat a female companion in the car while traveling from Flagstaff, Arizona toward Leupp, Arizona on February 7, 2003. After stopping along the road, Anagal raped the female companion while forcing her to perform sex acts on his then girlfriend who was also traveling with them. Anagal pretended to have a gun during the ordeal. The girlfriend testified that she knew there was no gun but pretended to have one because she was afraid of Anagal. Both victims testified that Anagal told his girlfriend to shoot the friend.

Later, during a stop near Leupp, Arizona, the companion was able to escape. She reported the beating and the sexual assault to police the following day while the defendant and his girlfriend continued on to Birdsprings, Arizona. After spending the night at her family home, they drove to Winslow, Arizona. The next day the defendant became enraged, beating and choking his girlfriend with a seatbelt. After they drove onto the Navajo reservation, the defendant stopped the vehicle and forced her to perform another sex act with him before driving to the girlfriend’s aunt’s home.

While at the aunt’s home, Anagal was again angered and beat the girlfriend, choked her and bit her on the chin, ear and hands. He then forced her to put her finger in his mouth and bit off her fingertip, stating he was leaving her something to remember him by. The girlfriend managed to get away and ran to her aunt’s home where police were called. The girlfriend suffered a broken nose as well as needing surgery on her finger.

The investigation in this case was conducted by the FBI and the Navajo Department of Public Safety. The prosecution was handled by Dyanne Greer, Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of Arizona, Phoenix.

(We’re guessing Ramaris Anagal has about 260 months (of 300) to serve "less good time served", then HE will be free to rape and harm our daughters again!)
Here’s the 2009 Report for Ramaris Anagal’s affirmed that he WILL remain in prison and lost his appeal:


2007 WL 4239776 (C.A. 9 {Ariz.})

The defendant was convicted of multiple counts of aggravated sexual abuse and assault

resulting in serious bodily injury for a two-day crime spree involving the rape of two members

of the Navajo nation in February of 2003. The defendant appealed his convictions. The Ninth

Circuit affirmed the defendant’s convictions, finding that the district court properly denied the

defendant’s request to sever the counts into two trials. The defendant is serving 3 concurrent

300-month sentences and a concurrent 120-month sentence.


Now that you have some background on BOTH of these men, do they deserve to walk free among the rest of society?
Here’s Roderick Anagal’s Sentencing which was supposed to be 10 years (Plead guilty with 20 year sentence, 10 years SUSPENDED!):

Man sentenced to 10 years in prison for stabbing

By The Associated Press

Story Published: Jan 16, 2009 at 8:07 AM MST

Story Updated: Jan 16, 2009 at 8:07 AM MST

KALISPELL – A 38-year-old Kalispell man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for stabbing another man during a bar fight.

Roderick C. Anagal was sentenced Thursday by District Judge Stewart Stadler, who also ordered him to pay more than $19,000 in restitution to the 24-year-old man he stabbed six times during the April fight.

Anagal was initially charged with attempted homicide, but pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon in exchange for the 20-year sentence with 10 years suspended.

Several witnesses said they saw Anagal punching the victim and only later discovered he had a small folding knife in his hand. Prosecutors say the victim suffered wounds to his neck, shoulder, head and arm, some of which have caused permanent damage.


"Initially charged with ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE"!

And the VICTIM’S Name?  Wonder if he feels safe with Roderick Anagal getting out so soon!? ONE YEAR LATER plus a few months!?

A TRAVESTY of JUSTICE in our opinion.

DNA test the FELON, RODERICK ANAGAL!  Don’t let him out without investigating his connection to Jilleda Jay John’s Murder!

We PRAY that JUSTICE and COMMON SENSE prevails in this horrible matter!












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ANOTHER Navajo Unsolved murder (1991) Composite of VIC

Jilleda Jay John’s Unsolved Murder has been discussed in this blog as well as a murder of a nun on Halloween 2009, Navajo Nation.
Now we have another unsolved murder and a composite sketch of the victim from Feb. 2010 news who was murdered in 1991!
Sure took a long time to get this info out to the public?! Guess that’s why people in Navajo nation think they can get away with murder…
and DO!:

Sketches made in unsolved murder case

By Elizabeth Piazza The Daily Times
Posted: 02/19/2010 12:00:00 AM MST

FARMINGTON — FBI officials hope new composite sketches of a woman whose body was discovered in a shallow grave in Farmington will bring fresh leads to a 19-year-old investigation.

The body was discovered in 1991 near Power Plant Road, but officials believe the remains were in the ground for several years prior to the discovery, FBI Special Agent Darrin Jones said.

The woman is described as between 5 feet 4-7 inches and in her mid 20s to early 30s, Jones said.

Bernalillo County Sheriff Detective Mary Brazas completed the two-dimensional facial reconstructions.

"It’s one of the ones that needs to be identified and get the remains back to the families," Brazas said.

The drawings depict what the woman might have looked like near the time of her death.

Anyone who might recognize this woman or have any information related to her disappearance is asked to contact FBI Special Agent Bill Hall at (505) 564-7541, or the Office of the Medical Investigator Terry Coker at (505) 272-3053, or Navajo Nation Criminal Investigations at (505) 368-1300.

Elizabeth Piazza: epiazza@daily-times.com

Reposted Under Fair Use Act:

of http://www.daily-times.com/ci_14431849

(For all we know this could be the same killer (s) of Jilleda Jay John?  Or a SERIAL KILLER!?

Let’s HOPE the Navajo Nation and FBI finally do their job in ALL of the unsolved

murder cases in Navajoland! It is WAY beyond time to do so in our opinions! )

Katfirewoman Cares




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