James Louis Eagleman, Jr. 1991 Unsolved Homicide MT

We have received a Comment from the daughter of James Louis Eagleman, Jr. who was murdered on 6/13/1991 in Montana.

The Comment stated:

“i need help. My dad, James Louis Eagleman jr,was murderd 6-13-91 two wks before my 11th birthday. It remains unsolved to this day. Where can i go, who can help me find justice?”

We WILL!  (Contact us again via the email you’d hopefully received from another user name at yahoo, if you received it!)

The sender’s email and User Name/acct., apparently had changed in the months that we were in “lock-down”.  Therefore, we are not posting the name of the sender at this time.

We couldn’t access our site, for much of 2013, (to see/Approve Comments, or even Update our site); this IMPORTANT CASE slipped by us without our seeing it until this past week.

We deeply apologize for this delay, which was beyond our control.  Also, we are still having problems with our email account, so for now, please send a Comment (let us know if you do not want your Comment published), and give us as many specific details as possible, especially in this case, or in more cases, or Unsolved Cases elsewhere on this site.  We also want to THANK all of the many other people who had sent us Comments that have now been approved, but were also delayed for some time.  Too long!

We have attempted to email the Comment person at the email given in this case, but believe that the account may belong to another now.  We have a long, drafted email to send to them, if they will send us a Comment here, again, since our email is down, with their new email address.  We believe that we have found telephone numbers and slow mail addresses for the Comment person and their other family members.  If all else fails, we will attempt to contact you in that way, to get as much verified information, and details in this case (which is seriously ‘under the radar’, which makes us wonder WHY!?  Well, we have some ideas, but need to verify everything first, before publishing.)

Serious Crimes ~ especially on “Reservations”, most often go unheard of, especially in major media, and even newspaper articles.  We hope to help change that fact, by our work. Lots of other sites are dedicated to “well known cases”, so, we rarely, if ever, will add a well published case here.  We may make an exception in a case that has not tragically happened in “Indian Country”, depending on the case.

The UNSOLVED HOMICIDE of James Louis Eagleman, Jr. (June 13, 1991 Montana)

We hope to provide more details on this case, as soon as we receive a reply from the Commenter, who asks for JUSTICE and HELP, in this case.

Anyone with information on this case, please Comment here (we will not publish your Comment if you ask us not to.  We control the Comments published here (unless the WordPress ‘built-in Spam detector’ disallows us from receiving your Comment).

However, all “Comments must be “Approved” by us.

Hopefully, we will have more verified information on this case, soon, to publish here.

We have spent many hours looking into this case already, and have compiled many pages of data related to finding this poster/Commenter, and this family (There are others with this or a similar name in other states as well, so we do not want to publish any wrong information, and will wait a bit longer for a reply from the email that was sent from Yahoo and another User name, to the Commenter.   We are reluctant to post the name of the Commenter if their account is closed.  We thank you for your understanding in this serous matter, and hope to hear from some of you soon, especially the daughter of James Louis Eagleman, Jr. of Montana, who was apparently murdered, and whose case remains UNSOLVED, on June 06, 1991.  We have found proof of his death in the Montana Death Records here:


Montana State Death Index 1990-1999- E

Last Name, First Name, Middle – Death Date – File#, County

EAGLEMAN, JOSEPH, C – 5/7/1991 – 2629 – 43

EAGLEMAN, PAUL, – 5/15/1991 – 2443 – 21

EAGLEMAN, EDWARD, – 1/29/1993 – 812 – 21

EAGLEMAN, RICHARD, D – 5/2/1996 – 2998 – 43

EAGLEMAN JR, JAMES, LOUIS – 6/13/1991 – 3645 – 21


(It appears that the County Code for above James Louis Eagleman, Jr.’s death record is in County Code # 21, which looks to be in  “21: Toole (Shelby)” from this link:


We believe the county code in above is correct for the Death Record, and likely where his body was found; Toole (Shelby is the major city/capitol and almost on the Canadian border;  the Blackfeet Indian Reservation is west of Shelby.

Toole, is only two counties to the West of Hill Co., which is where we believe that he was from:  HILL Co., Rocky Boy Reserve, or Havre, MT. Based on genealogy (1940 census, and other findings, we have reason to believe that James Louis Eagleman, Jr. was from HILL CO, Rocky Boy Chippewa Cree Reserve, but we need to have input from his daughter, who’d Commented here, to help us figure out some of this, and probably shouldn’t even post our ideas, or findings, on the case. or the family at all, until we hear from her again, if we do hear from her again.  We hope that she does see this post, and contacts us again!)

One more Eagleman in those Death Records (MT)
EAGLEMAN SR, MELVIN, LEROY – 6/1/1990 – 3233 – 56

(If the email we sent to the Comment person is still active (it appears to belong to someone else now), is replied to, and we can get more information on this case verified, before posting any more of our input.

This case, from what we’ve found, is NOT well published anywhere.  This is OUR speculation from following ‘leads in our research’. There are EAGLEMAN names (and more Eagleman deaths) in MT, and there is a George Eagleman, living in SD, who is Lakota, as well as one w/ the same name on youtube, and one or more who are in the military (Michigan, for example);  We believe that THIS Eagleman is likely Cree, or Chippewa Cree and was enrolled in the Rocky Boy Tribal Nation, MT, but we could be wrong.

James Louis Eagleman, Jr.’s Unsolved Homicide is not on the F.B.I. site, which SHOULD have the Unsolved case posted somewhere on their site (Homicides fall under “Major Crimes Act”, which REQUIRES (or would have required back in 1991) that the F.B.I. BE INVOLVED.  (This law has changed significantly in recent years;  mostly to provide all Tribal Nations with more control over ‘policing themselves’, and to recognize their “Sovereignty”, which is good on one hand, yet many lack the training, funds, and forensic capabilities to solve a case properly, (as we’ve seen with the (Navajo) Unsolved Homicide of Jilleda Jay John (of Chinle, Del Muerto, (her remains found near Mummy Cave, in Canyon de Chelly), Apache Co., AZ, whose case is on this site, and always will be, until her case is SOLVED!  We’ve been trying really hard to get the U. S. Attorney’s from MT and AZ to cooperate in the investigation, since we believe that at least one Convicted Felon’s DNA SHOULD be compared to DNA found at Jilleda’s Crime scene (IF her DNA was properly  collected by Navajo P.D., and Apache Co. Detectives, (AND the F.B.I., whose protection Jilleda Jay John was supposed to be under at the time; she was awaiting a sentencing phase for Ramaris Anagal who’d kidnapped and raped her for two weeks; she was to be a witness.  Roderick C. Anagal, (also on here), is Ramaris Anagal’s brother; (see other posts here for many more details), before her body was sent to Virginia, for “Identification”, since her body had be left lying in the hot sun and heat of AZ, from March until May, before she was found.  Curiously, someone (we have his name), who was a ‘Navajo Tour Guide’; and was also one of several who are also now deceased, although this ‘writer one’, was rather young; cause of death is unknown.  Some say “Suicides” for too many of the many cases of deaths as well), published a “Newsletter” of sorts, and distributed it in the  Chinle area/Del Muerto/Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Park), which stated that Jilleda’s body had been found, BEFORE she was actually found.)

We didn’t mean to ‘take away’ from the sad and unsolved case of James Louis Eagleman, Jr. in MT, June 6, 1991, but Jilleda (Jill) is always on our minds.

And, we can’t add more here about the Eagleman case just yet, but hope to do so as soon as possible.

Roderick Charles Anagal had left AZ the day that Jilleda’s body was found, then stabbed a man 6 times, disabling him for life, in Kalispell, MT on the Flathead Tribe’s Reserve. was(who is also a Registered Violent Offender in Montana, now out on Parole, but had left AZ the day Jill’s body was found, IS involved!), to compare the DNA found at Jilleda’s crime scene.  But, without ‘hard evidence’, or a witness to Jill’s homicide, and without the cooperation of Navajo Police Department or Apache Co. Detectives;  (many of which potential ‘witnesses’ are now also deceased, or, murdered as well, yet not a word in the ‘news’ about these MANY cases, which ‘news’ would mostly would come out of NM, or the Gallup Independent Newspaper, or, perhaps Albuquerque, (but, most often, only in the form of obituaries!),and never from “Navajoland” Official website!)  We need someone to come forward, and Comment here; we will not post your Comment!  Please come forward in either of these case (or, any others on our site).   Someone knows something,  (and we know that many people DO know who her killer(s) are; But charges can’t yet be ‘brought’ against these, and the DNA in the CODIS “Bank” compared WITHOUT FORMAL CHARGES.  What a ‘system’?!  What’s the point of having the DNA of convicted felons, if their DNA can’t even be subpoenaed/used in unsolved cases?)

Your cases matter to us, and we look forward to corresponding with anyone who wants to have a loved ones Unsolved Homicide, or MISSING PERSON Case published here.  Our email should be running better soon, and we will be happy to answer your letters and help investigate in every way that we can!

We hope that this isn’t confusing, and should proof-read again, but been on here for some 8-10 hours now, just typing this. Will edit out errors, and repetitions, later. It’s time to sleep, but I hope and pray that this does some good.

Katfirewoman Cares!


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