Jilleda Jay John: another year, another year, another year, another year, another year, another year, another year…UNSOLVED


We are very sorry that some of your earlier comments about Jilleda Jay John’s homicide in Chinle, Apache County, AZ  (Her body found at Mummy Cave, Canyon de Chelley, 2006) hadn’t been approved until now.  (Also, comments on other articles here weren’t approved in a timely manner.  Due to (lots of reasons), we are just getting back on the horse.)

Our original story here: https://katfirewoman.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/the-unsolved-murder-of-jilleda-jay-john-navajo-nation/

This year, 2012, March (the month that Jill went missing in 2006) came and went.  The time did not pass without us thinking about her or her loved ones.  Updates should have been made, despite the above excuses.  Then, May came, the anniversary of when Jill’s body had been found in 2006.  October 2011 had passed (when Jill’s body was finally returned to her family after almost 2 1/2 years (2008), and this writer thought and thought about Jilleda Jay John and searched for her name;  always hoping and praying for some news, some tiny shred of something to write, but nothing was found but this “lone wolf” calling in the wind (and all of you who cared and commented.)

Roderick Anagal had gotten out of prison for stabbing a man 6 times (twice in the throat) in Kallispell, Montana on the Flathead Reserve, after serving just a few years of his 20 year, then reduced to 10 year sentence at a halfway house.  It’s all here, folks… Roderick is Ramariz’ Anagal’s brother.  Ramariz Anagal would have gotten more than 25 years for his rape and kidnapping charges of Jilleda (and his girlfriend whose nose he’d bitten off among other horrible things),  had she not been murdered right before the sentencing phase.   But, that can’t be changed.  Even under FBI protection, Jilleda was killed.  And, the killer(s) have so far gotten away with it.

So, what do we say to you readers now?  We can tell you that there are predators that WE have pictures of, but the Montana Dept. of Justice has no picture of on their “Violent Offender” list, of Roderick Anagal aka Rod Anagal.  Roderick gave us several pictures, (all on here) from his jail cell with his own cell phone, and his Facebook account with his pretty new blonde girlfriend.  (Public pic at one of the katfewoman.wordpress links wayy below all of the following); (Prayers for her!)  We had found Rod Anagal on plentyoffish dating site asking women to meet him in private or wooded areas, and we were/are worried.   We contacted the Montana DOC every time he did something illegal, yet he never got a slap on the wrist for any of the above illegal activities while in prison or on work release.  We have pictures of Roderick Anagal in his “construction outfit” complete with his smile and big hammer and tool belt…

So, why doesn’t MT DOC have a picture of Roderick Anagal to put up on the Montana Violent Offenders site?  (They don’t have to.)

  Jilleda Jay John, Navajo Reservation MURDERED/UNSOLVED, of Chinle, Apache County, AZ (Found at Mummy Cave, Canyon Del Muerto, Arizona)

No, Jill, we haven’t forgotten you…we pray that someone will have the courage to come forward and tell the truth about what happened that night at Mummy Cave (or the waters nearby)…why the road was blocked off with branches leading to Mummy Cave with branches cut by a chainsaw, yet no one speaks.  Fear.  For good reason…we know.

Why parts of your beautiful face, skin, body fluids, clothing, jewelry, shoes, and more was just left at a crime scene when you were finally discovered in May after months of being in the broiling sun of a beautiful Arizona sky…Why the Apache Co. P.D. and Navajo investigators didn’t do all that they could and even didn’t want the FBI to know that you’d been killed and found.  (They wanted to handle it themselves…without proper forensic equipment and real science, they left evidence behind.  Poor tribal government…just couldn’t handle the job, and couldn’t admit it?  Pride?  Or more?  Little Black Book?

And, your dear family:   sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, mother, father, and your little boy, only 3 years old, wondering…”where’s Mommy?”…”Where’s our Jill!” with despair and fear that none of us can comprehend unless it has happened to one of us…

So, what does a writer write anymore, except:

“Jilleda Jay John: Another year, another year, another year, another year, another year, another year, another year…UNSOLVED”?

Or, does the killer/killers think that we will forget you, Jill?  No, my friends, we CAN’T forget Jilleda Jay John!   Even if there is nothing new to report or add, not a shred of evidence made available to anyone (yet), not a Facebook or a Memorial or a Candlelight Service that the Gallup Independent had promised to send a photographer for last year, but didn’t, and even with personal promises from the Editor to this writer that there would be a photographer and reporter, he didn’t send one…we still will always try.  We made a “PROMISE”.  A Promise that is intended to be kept!   No matter if others don’t keep promises.  No matter what, we will keep “our promise”.  No matter even if the Anagal’s BOTH get an “out of jail free” card…and come knocking…Fear is not the enemy.  The killer(s) is/are the “enemy”.   (So, maybe come? (silly) Not to anyone’s house in Chinle, surely not to find and scare or kill an elderly grandfather, or grandmother, or father, or mother, or child, or sister, or cousin, or auntie, or uncle, or friend!  No.  I mean come find…someone who will be ready to see you.

Maybe “God”?  Would “God” be happy to see you, Rod?  Seriously, write a comment here.  Be happy to put your comment up!

I know you like the woods or more secluded places, but that’s okay too.  Shoulda joined plentyoffish to really see what you were up to, being so close and all that?  Thank goodness that some beautiful women did see this blog.  Might have saved them?   Let’s all just hope and pray that everyone “googles” the names before they get involved with you.

You know who you are, and you know what you did.


As for Jilleda’s killer(s), we know who “YOU” are and know what “you” did.  You have no idea.   “You” just never know who is watching, (especially the authorities).

“You” might think that “you” got away with murder with Jilleda (and the girl who supposedly “slipped” off the cliff to her death, and the boy  who was found shot in the head  in the canyon, and the many others, stabbed to death, killed, disappeared there?  Okay, “you” didn’t do ALL of that, but “you” did enough.  Enough to put “you”  away for the rest of “your” life where “you” belong.  In prison.   Now, don’t go sending some of those young bloods that are getting out of jail in California, or wherever, or if they are out already.  I know they are “gangstas”.  LOL…but not really “LOL” because it is truly SAD that some of those “kids” have “role models” like “you”. (men)

“You” are pathetic.  Instead of being proud of “your” heritage, “your” people, and “your” “Code-Talkers” (who so many tout around like some kind of unearned “badge” which allows them to do whatever they want by “association” with those brave men (rest their souls), and get away with anything “you” want?  “You” are nothing but SHAME.

A SHAME to “your” Nation.  The entire Navajo Nation is shamed by “your” actions.  “You” are going to have a “reckoning day”.   “You” will be held accountable for “your” murderous deeds and all of the harm that “you” have caused.  All of “you”.  All of “you” who raped (and molested Jill), kidnapped her, and finally, murdered her.

Sorry to the readers for this kind of talk.  Guess this writer isn’t following own advice and admonishment to “keep it clean” here.  But, after a while, when this much time goes by and NOTHING is done, it tends to cause strong emotions, and probably some stupid words to be written.  But, every single word written is meant.  And, it needs to be said that:

“YOU” have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!  And, under the “old ways”, “you” would have had a lot more happen to “you” than what has happened to “you”.  Which brings up this (and it’s not something that really can be understood by all here”:

“YOU” will be “gotten by forces”, not likely by “living people”.   Think about that one tonight when “you” lay your head down.  DREAM…?  Maybe…maybe not…


Oh, here’s the information on Roderick Anagal:  Registered Violent Offender, Montana:


Sexual or Violent Offender Search Details


Name: Anagal, Roderick Charles
Offender Type: Violent
Also Known As: Anagal, Roderick



His address was Alpha House, 3109 1st Ave North, Billings, MT  (houses 180 residents in state and federal work release programs);  Looks like he just lives down the street a bit now, but you can look him up at above links if you ned to know that.  I’m not sending anyone anywhere, and please don’t go looking for him.  Just “be aware” and share the word with folks that he might not be truthful with that you might know.  It is “public information”, but we can’t take the law into our own hands.

You need to know the case now to see what kind of “Violent Offender”, but it’s all on this WordPress.  Also, see Roderick Anagal is listed in the Billings, MT “Violent Offender” database:


Roderick Charles Anagal  (current address in Billings, MT, not posting that here )   VIOLENT

has street address at link.  Not “stalking”, just “informing the public of a “VIOLENT REGISTERED OFFENDER”.  You can see the place on a map though.  BUT, map images can be years old, (2007) and the addresses are approximate, cars don’t necessarily belong to anyone you might want to know about.  DO NOT GO THERE!

What’s bad is how many on THAT list haven’t reported where they are!   So, Rod is “in compliance” as far as we can tell, right?  (Or is he “Charles” or  “Chuck” or “Rod”?  Last  “social” page on internet was “Rod Anagal”, changed from Roderick Anagal.

Awful number of creepy offenders on that map,  (some are in Alpha House in Billings. MT, the “halfway house”);  but still, VIOLENT, or Sexual Predators, and maybe even on work release near YOU.  (With cell phones, dating sites, Facebook, Myspace, you name it, unless someone calls and complains.  But, don’t even bother calling the halfway house for infractions found being done by a convicted felon.  They won’t do anything.  You call MT Dept. of Corrections for these guys.

<Sheesh, no longer a phone number?  http://www.cor.mt.gov/About/director.mcpx >

From first link:  “Violent offenders are not issued tier levels.”

(Lucky you.  Lots of “definitions” that can make you look like a school-boy, Rod.  But, the sites USED to say:  “ASSAULT WITH A WEAPON” (Copied as found and pasted directly from the old sites in these pages, no worries.)

Under Montana law, photographs of violent offenders are not available to the public, unless the offender is a transient or non-compliant registrant. (See Availability of Offender Information.)

(UNLESS THEY PUBLICLY PUT A PHOTO OF THEMSELVES ONLINE!  AND HE HAS… more than 3 of them are on here (while he was incarcerated!)

Roderick Charles Anagal was ALSO registered in Yellowstone, MT, but that gave an “Internal Error” can’t be shown.   See, they move these guys around, there are too many of them, they get time off, three square meals a day at YOUR expense, medical care at YOUR expense, and then get “time served”, “good behavior”, “work release” (oh the fun they can have then!), etc.  They actually have it better in jail or halfway than they do on the Rez!  Or, they don’t even have to work?

http://svcalt.mt.gov/svor/searchlist.asp?County=YELLOWSTONE  (try it?)  BUT, this one has him in Yellowstone, MT:


Image Not Available ANAGAL,Roderick Charles 3306 1/2 3rd Avenue North Billings Assault with a Weapon  V N

“V” in above means Violent” “N” means :

N = NONE Violent offenders are not given a tier level designation  (Gotta wondeer huh?  STABBED a man 6 times, disabled him for life, but no “Tier”)


definitely look at above page!  Here’s a bit:

In 2008, Anagal had stabbed a man six times, twice in the throat, leaving him disabled in Kallispell on the Flathead Reservation, MT. Read more below and in other posts here.  He served very little of his 10 years suspended of a 20 year sentence.   OUT in about 2 1/2 years out of 10 years with 10 years reduced.


Still has a January 16, 2009 “edited” version of  Roderick C. Anagal stabbing the 24 year old man in a “bar fight” in the neck, arm, shoulder, leg, leaving him disabled. More than $19,000.00 “Restitution” to be paid.  Twenty years, then reduced to ten years, now, a free man…has been a free man.  Served just 2 years or so since 2008…

“KALISPELL – A 38-year-old Kalispell man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for stabbing another man during a bar fight.

Roderick C. Anagal was sentenced Thursday by District Judge Stewart Stadler, who also ordered him to pay more than $19,000 in restitution to the 24-year-old man he stabbed six times during the April fight.

Anagal was initially charged with attempted homicide, but pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon in exchange for the 20-year sentence with 10 years suspended.

Several witnesses said they saw Anagal punching the victim and only later discovered he had a small folding knife in his hand. Prosecutors say the victim suffered wounds to his neck, shoulder, head and arm, some of which have caused permanent damage.”


Rest in Peace Jill!  Peace to all of your Loved Ones.  One day, your killer will be caught, one way or the other.  Let’s hope we have a better report with some good news next year…but, it won’t bring a beautiful young mommy, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, niece, friend,  back…


But, sorry, http://fbi.gov is only offering Rewards for the Most Wanted, and a MILLION DOLLARS for a FBI Drug Enforcement Officer who went to Iraq and disappeared, not a  dead little “Indian Girl”…

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  2. Tisa says:

    I love your website keeping this beautiful girl’s memory alive even though I just saw this I feel compelled to want to do the same 4 her and others if you want together on this we need more and more ppl doing this you know? Thanks ,


    • katfirewoman says:

      Thank you Jade. Maybe we all had worked together many years ago on Canadian cases/USA cases for “missing/Murdered Native women.ca”? Sure, would love help, even if not ‘our Jade’!
      But, feel free to copy anything here, for your own blog, to get the word out. It’s NOT about being a ‘famous blogger’ as some here did comment, (and is appreciated); But, THIS blog is about mainly about bringing JUSTICE to Jilleda Jay John, Navajo, ‘Unsolved Homicide’, of Chinle, AZ, found dead in Mummy’s Cave, Canyon del Muerto (Canyon of the Dead); which is a ‘cut below’ the famous Canyon de Chelley National Monument, (park) in Arizona! (as well as some other cases, as they are brought to our attention!) So very sorry, ALL, for late replies, and not approving so many wonderful & helpful comments, and offers to help, ; had problems getting into this WordPress for a long time!)

  3. Antje says:

    I seriously love your site.. Great colors & theme.
    Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m planning to create my own personal site and would like to know where you got this from or just what the theme is called. Kudos!

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