Justin Beardt, Rosebud, SD, Detention Center Administrator/Tribal Policeman (BIA appointed) indicted “Aggravated Sexual Abuse/Sexual Abuse”/Corruption?

Proof of the charges for Detention Center Administrator/Tribal Police Officer,  Justin Arthur Beardt, age 28, of “Mission, SD” on Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota:


Mission Man Pleads Not Guilty to Aggravated Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abuse

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 27, 2011 Contact: Mark E. Salter
Assistant United States Attorney

United States Attorney Brendan V. Johnson announced that a Mission, South
Dakota, man has been indicted by a federal grand jury for Aggravated Sexual
Abuse and Sexual Abuse.

Justin Arthur Beardt, age 28, was indicted by a federal grand jury on June 21,
2011. He appeared before United States Magistrate Judge Mark A. Moreno on June
27, 2011, and pled not guilty to the indictment. The maximum penalty upon
conviction is life in custody, a $250,000 fine, or both; life of supervised
release; and a $100 special assessment. Restitution may also be ordered.

The charges are merely accusations, and Beardt is presumed innocent until and
unless proven guilty.

The investigation is being conducted by Rosebud Sioux Tribe Law Enforcement
Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The case is being prosecuted
by Assistant United States Attorney Tim Maher. Beardt was released to a third
party custodian.

(The third party custodian is Leann Beardt, BIA Superintendent, and his mother!)
Notice that there is NOTHING suggesting that Beardt is a Tribal Police Officer/Detention Center Administrator, but he is!

More Posts found:

We need to follow this case! Circulate please.

No Justice, No Peace,

(Another Justice Worker)


MORE: (Some portions snipped for length)

 Please read the following new case on Rosebud Corruption! 

“MORE Corruption on Rosebud/Justin Beardt/Corruption on Rosebud”
 The following was posted in several groups and is very important:
Tribal Police Officer Justin Beardt,
Rosebud, (SD) INDICTED, (but media suppressed) last week on
 1. Aggravated Sexual Abuse
 2.  Sexual Assault
(Portion snipped)

I had reposted this original post from here) from 2010
 which was from Alfred Bone Shirt who had asked the original message below this
one to be circulated. The article was about CORRUPTION on Rosebud. (Sexual
assault of women in custody by tribal police officers; Leann Beardt, BIA Supt.
and Deputy) (Full article  included below)
 UPDATE! Tribal Policeman (actually Rosebud Detention Center Administrator (Katfirewoman Notes)

Justin Beardt, son of BIA SUPT., Leann Beardt,
INDICTED on 2 Charges of Aggravated sexual Abuse & Aggravated Sexual Assault &
the injustice/coverup:
> The report that I am receiving is that there is likely more corruption on
Rosebud in connection with a Rosebud Tribal Police Officer named Justin Beardt
who was indicted recently on charges of sexual abuse and aggravated sexual
assault.  He was RELEASED into
> the custody of his mother, Leann Beardt, BIA Representative. NOT JAILED!
> The report I received by phone today,  (snipped)
> is that this Tribal Police Officer, Justin Beardt, indicted on the charges
above last week, should NOT have been released to his mother, the BIA
Representative, Leann Beardt.
> There are more questions than answers at this time and I will be reporting
more to you. 
> But, it has been confirmed on the SD District Attorney’s website that Justin
Beardt was INDICTED in both charges, and released to his mother, Leann/Leanne
Beardt, B.I.A. REPRESENTATIVE! (Bureau of Indian Affairs).
> Alfred Boneshirt’s original post here includes the allegations against “LEANNE
BEARDT”, Justin Beardt’s mother, and her abuse of her position as “BIA Supt. and
deputy agency Supt.” as reported in the horrible corruption and sexual abuse and
rapes in the below
> original email from Alfred Bone Shirt.
> Alfred Bone Shirt had written:
> “One council man has wrote a letter calling for the removal of the BIA Supt.
and deputy agency Supt. Leanne Beardt for violations in the hiring process,
because politics are involved nothing was done.”
> THIS family had been involved in former corruption cases. according to the
above and below original article from which this excerpt was taken.
> Because of a media blackout on this case, and the 2010 Corruption article by
Alfred Bone Shirt, and again TRIBAL POLICE are involved, and a likely cover-up
by BIA, and rape cases of women held in custody by Rosebud Tribal Police in
former CORRUPTION cases below, it is
> imperative that we reach Alfred who is an advocate for crime victims and
follows this corruption on Rosebud.  We hope to alert as many people as possible
through our groups and emails about this case and the many others in which there
> Please circulate this information to everyone. 
> INDICTED under the two counts as per above, and CONFIRMED to be true, (Rapid
City Journal did list Justin Beardt’s name as “Indicted”, but not in any other
newspapers/media and only a “blurb” in RCJ which is not found on the Internet.
Rosebud Tribal Police Officer,

(Note: RCJ, Rapid City Journal “Blurb” was found online; see last link below. Katfirewoman)

> Justin Beardt and his mother, BIA Representative, Leann Beardt, Rosebud, MUST
be held to the same standards as anyone else in crimes such as these! In fact,
under “Major Crimes Act”, the BIA must report these kinds of cases to the
> There is also the question as to whether or not Tribal Police Officer, Justin
Beardt, Rosebud, was IN UNIFORM during the commission of his crimes.
> If he was in uniform during the commission of the two charges on which he was
indicted, this is an even more serious matter!
> Justin Beardt SHOULD NOT have been released into the custody of his mother,
Leann Beardt, BIA!
> Please circulate this new information which you won’t find in any newspapers! 
Please make sure that Alfred Bone Shirt receives an email copy of this
> I will report any new info in this matter as soon as possible, and send the
source of this report as well as their report as soon as I receive it in an
email after tonight!
> I am adding this report here right away, since we won’t allow corruption on
Rosebud to continue, even if the media, BIA, FBI (if even involved?) try to keep
this case from the public!
> When someone searches this officer’s name, we want to make sure that HE IS
FOUND, and that it is known that Justin Beardt was INDICTED on these serious
> Folks, nothing has changed since Albert Bone Shirt reported this serious
situation on Rosebud in 2010.  In our view, things are worsening. We CANNOT, We
> “BIA Rep., Leann Beardt, and her SON,

(INDICTED but not yet convicted/Katfirewoman)  RAPIST TRIBAL POLICE  OFFICER

JUSTIN BEARDT, Rosebud, or anyone else to get away with another cover up in the
AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ABUSE,  ({sic} SEXUAL ABUSE & RAPE) of women and children
on Rosebud!
> We will NOT tolerate, nor sit idly by while women and children are raped and
abused by TRIBAL POLICEMEN!  Further, we demand, the same treatment for this
Tribal Police Officer, Justin Beardt, that any other

(not yet “convicted” Katfirewoman notes)

 Sexual Predator
would face; not just “go home to
> “mommy”!
> JAIL Justin Beardt now!

(Another Justice Worker)

NOTE:  “Sexual Abuse” means the assault was on a child under the age of 16 yrs. old.

MORE BACKGROUND from Alfred Bone Shirt on Leann Beardt & Tribal Corruption on Rosebud, April 2010 (Full Letter posted):

> “Corruption on Rosebud! Circulate Plz”  
> > Please add this as a editorial or Please follow up on this.
> >
> > This is Paula Moccasin and her daughter the mother and sister of
> > Jeremy White Lance who was shot at and beat by the newly hired Chief
> > of Police’s brother Steve Her Many Horses, Word out is that Grace
> > threatened her police not to talk about the attempted murder/beating
> > to anyone. There has been other beatings and rapes etc, by officers
> > and the common phrase is that they are under” Internal Investigation,
> > a common catch phrase, which is roughly translated into, business as
> > usual. The officer involved will be out on patrol soon. The Tribal
> > chairman has attempted to hush up the Tribal council and the Police
> > commission. basically taking the commission’s authority away for
> > complaints and avenues for Indian people to deal with Human and civil
> > rights violations. Grace is friends with a officer named Fred Bennet
> > who works on one of the Indian reservations, he has a brother who is
> > now a FBI agent who travels with a another brown skinned man or maybe
> > a Indian,which is designed to better serve and fit in with the
> > Indians. Many people here on the Rosebud know how political Grace is
> > and the way this particular beating has been swept under the rug, what
> > started out with Steve her Many Horses daughter taking off from school
> > with her boy friend, turned into a abduction charges against Jeremy
> > and his cousin Justin Black Moon and her( Stefanie Her Many Horses
> > boy friend- Jarred White lance age approximately 18) Steve is the
> > chairman of the Todd County School board who took the law into his own
> > hands and shot at and severely beat Jeremy White Lance, brother to his
> > daughters boy friend., Tribal Charges were dismissed against the
> > young men after they were able to get a public defender after 13 days
> > of being in jail, one young man had to serve out a previous jail
> > sentence so he is completing a 17 day sentence with school release.
> > Rodney Bordeaux along with the Bureau of Indian Affairs superintendent
> > Cleve Her Many Horses modified the job so Grace H.M.H. could be put on
> > the clock before her back ground check was complete, One council man
> > has wrote a letter calling for the removal of the BIA Supt. and deputy
> > agency Supt. Leanne Beardt for violations in the hiring process,
> > because politics are involved nothing was done. Cleve H.M.H is
> > basically Grace’s Boss along with the Chairman of the Rosebud Sioux
> > Tribe, Jeremy White Lance was taken to Avera Mckennan Hospital in
> > Sioux Falls,S.D immediately after the beating, At least five of the
> > highest ranking tribal officers as well as one FBI agent was stated to
> > have been on scene that day, One officer Charles Ginsback stated to
> > the family members and tribal council in a informal meeting on April
> > 9, 2010 that he was going to arrest Steve her Many Horses and even
> > gave Grace a heads up that he was going to arrest her brother, but
> > because they are suppose to have some rarely used policy about some
> > one with medical conditions can’t be arrested and jailed, Officer
> > Ginsback didn’t lodge Steve H.M.H, One of the parents of Justin Black
> > Moon then asked him( Ginsbach) why did you arrest her son who had to
> > practically be carried to a police car after the doctors seen him at
> > the Indian Health service hospital in Rosebud, He hold injuries but
> > the police still arrested him and Jarred White lance, He didn’t have
> > a comment to Justins mom, It was a very hypocritical statement in
> > front of all of us that day in the council chambers at the Rosebud
> > tribal building, Rosebud South Dakota. STEVE H.M.H HAS NOT BEEN
> > CHARGED yet, even though the family has spoke with Tribal Police and
> > submitted charges. As of this day Steve has only been suspended from
> > his tribal job for 15 days with pay. We have pictures of Jeremy’s
> > broken and wired jaw. plus all the doctors statements. We continue to
> > see this as a travesty of Justice here on a Indian reservation in
> > South Dakota , Not only is this being covered up the media in South
> > Dakota is turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to something so
> > horrific, This has further damaged the confidence Indian people feel
> > with the disparity of justice in South dakota, We know that South
> > Dakota is called the Mississippi of the North with South Dakota
> > constantly being in denial of its Racism. In the recent past,One
> > comment which reached our ears from a western South Dakota newspaper
> > conference where” Wild Bill Janklow” was a key note speaker, a
> > newspaper man said that the major problems affecting the good white
> > people in western South Dakota was Indians and cattle. On April
> > 22,2010 Many Tribal members stopped by with words of encouragement and
> > drove by with a honk and a thumbs up sign to us who were out in front
> > of the Rosebud Tribal building, There has been issues of Malfeasance
> > and corruption coming to a boil with Rodney Bordeaux administration,
> > Following the April 9, 2010 meeting with the Tribal council most of
> > the family of these young men were harassed, by the Police department
> > and Martha Moccasin, a Grandmother to one of the young men Jeremy, was
> > harassed and pulled over was intimidated suffered a heart attack on
> > the 10th of April, we have all the statements of harassment. This
> > incident began with Steve Her Many Horses daughter, whose boy friend
> > is Jerred White Lance skipped school and called him to see her at the
> > school and resulted in her taking off with him and his brother and
> > cousin, According to family phone records which show her calling 50
> > times in one day, at various times day and night.; it some how turned
> > into a abduction and her dad, Steve who works for the RST Natural
> > resource dept. which has a Game Fish and parks dept law enforcement
> > arm in it, which is how Steve arrived on scene where the young men and
> > his daughter were spotted, He arrived shortly before the police and
> > even though they were there on scene they didn’t do and arrest of him
> > for shooting and beating them. Grace Her many Horses is being looked
> > at as using her friends and her other brother Cleve’s fellow BIA
> > connections and FBI connections to hinder and divert charges against
> > her brother, but also using her position to over kill the issue with
> > the young men and her nieces boy friend. On the Rosebud Indian
> > reservation a Police officer can’t be trusted, By Grace and her
> > department, and what appears to be collusion with outside FBI
> > investigators they isn’t any confidence any more in Law Enforcement.
> > Please remember that Cleve Her Many Horses is the Rosebud Agency
> > Bureau of Indian Affairs Superintendent and a Brother to Grace and
> > Steve. Grace has set back the image and all but destroyed any
> > confidence the Lakota Indian People may have reluctantly began to feel
> > about Law enforcement, There still is a residue of mistrust among
> > women and young women who fear that they will be Raped or abused in
> > custody, Men and woman in confinement all but fear that they will
> > receive medical care if they unfortunately get sick or have a medical
> > condition while in custody. Word is that a high ranking BIA Law
> > Enforcement man in Aberdeen, S.D. is a brother to a man who recently
> > got arrested and indicted for drugs on one of the Indian reservations
> > in South Dakota. Common sense says that the right hand knows what the
> > left hand is doing. Is this one of the reason that corruption seems so
> > prevalent on the Indian reservations where a culture of drug thrives
> > and the police are hired by some drug using officials who hire the
> > police. The Todd County School Board either is ignoring this issue or
> > won’t deal with it, Steve is the Board chairman of TCHS. We have
> > been receiving words from various families on the Rosebud Indian
> > reservation of improprieties on Steve one of which where he owed
> > around $ 2000.00 back rent to a Elderly Lakota Lady who sadly passed
> > away before she could collect her rent money, we understand that he
> > would cuss her out and intimidate her when she was able to make
> > contact with him. When we try to get the issue in some of the local
> > Indian papers, we run into the similar obstacles, some of the
> > reporters or staff are related to the tribal officials, or into drugs
> > themselves, Other reporters take our documents and information on the
> > story and sit on it. and worse is the actual yellow journalism on some
> > of our issues. This same administration have been buying the services
> > of a local medicine man to cast spells and voodoo type curses on their
> > opposition. And you the readers wonder why Corruption Thrives here on
> > the Indian reservation, No light is being let in or shined down upon
> > it, and Corruption thrives in the darkness and within the curtain of
> > silence here. We are tired of it, Enough is enough, You don’t take
> > the Law into your own hands, regardless who you are related to, We
> > hold dear to Our Prayers and Hope that there may be a good cop out
> > there some where, who is not afraid of the tribal government. THESE
> > Peace” Spokesman/Advocate Alfred Bone Shirt ,P.O. Box 586, St.
> > Francis, S.D. 57572 phone 605-828-0996
(Phone above no longer in service)

No News of the trial date for Justin Beardt. 


July 9, 2011:


(Above contains Rapid City Journal “blurb”/copyrighted at bottom of page about Justin Arthur Beardt, age 28, of Mission, charges and his plea.  He faces a maximum of up to Life in Prison if convicted. )

But, will Justin Arthur Beardt be convicted of anything in view of the above, if he did Sexually Abuse a Minor child?  A Federal Indictment means that there must be some pretty strong evidence in the case.  We shall see…


Katfirewoman Cares


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  2. normanreddest says:

    he plead guilty and is in custody of the us marshal service Pierre South Dakota

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