Unsolved Homicide Jilleda Jay John…Prayers for justice

Yet another year has gone by since Jilleda Jay John, a young Navajo mother under FBI protection for a court testimony in a kidnapping and sexual assault case involving Ramaris Anagal in Arizona, was found in a remote area near Mummy Cave in Del Muerto, AZ.

Her family has been waiting for a promised by the FBI reward poster and FBI renewal of interest in the case. 

It is a heavy burden for any family not to know who killed their loved one.  The waiting is unbearable at times. 

Today, we remember Jilleda Jay John… We pray that someone who knows something will come forward without fear to bring justice to the perpetrator (s) in this horrible crime.

Deep faith and prayer is needed for this family and Jilleda’s young son who is now 5 years old.   It is heartbreaking to imagine a child growing up knowing that his mother was murdered and that no one has done anything about it.

The shame lies first with the killer or killers, and the legal system has failed Jilleda and her family.   Like too many People on Indian Reservations, Jilleda seems to be just another forgotten homicide.   Last year, the Gallup Independent had promised to send a reporter and photographer to a Candlelight Service/Vigil that the family had planned on her anniversary, but never showed up or called.

Why is it that too many cases like Jilleda Jay John’s go “cold”?  Why unsolved in an area of low population where everyone knows everyone else and someone must know something?

Doesn’t the homicide of a young mother matter?

Full articles in other blogs here have more information about this case.

If you or anyone you may know lives in the Chinle, Arizona (Apache Co.) area or are planning a trip to Canyon de Chelly, please circulate this information. Ask questions about the unsolved case (s) of Homicide in the area, and call any local police department to report (anonymously if you set your phone to “private” ) any information that you may have to help in this case.   A child is waiting.

View from Mummy Cave in Canyon del Muerto Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Jilleda Jay John body found Mummy Cave/Del Muerto area of Canyon de Chelly Arizona

Prayers for healing and peace for Jilleda and her family…

Katfirewoman Cares




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5 Responses to Unsolved Homicide Jilleda Jay John…Prayers for justice

  1. Noelle says:

    I dated hm he is crazy

    • katfirewoman says:

      Thank you, Noelle, for your courage to speak! Would very much like to correspond more.
      Please email katfirewoman@hotmail.com
      Sorry for late reply and approval due to WordPress “lock-out”, but we are back up, and running after Jill John’s (Jilleda Jay John, (Navajo), of Chinle, AZ) killer/killers! Here we come!
      Katfirewoman Cares!

  2. Noelle says:

    Scarey and very munipulitive. A con artist at its best.

    • katfirewoman says:

      Noelle, can you please contact us again here, by commenting again, and make sure yours is a current email? Our katefirewoman@hotmail.com isn’t cooperating at this time, due to “Outlook” taking over MS hotmail, and the email just edited won’t let us see your reply, if you have replied, at this time. (We also lost many of our emails from 2007, but not our “People/Contacts;) We thank all of you who have helped with our investigations, and have been honored to keep (esp.) women, who’ve written to us, SAFE from THESE PREDATORS; Seriously folks, be very careful of anyone ‘reported’ on this site! We know more than we can say (especially because of safety concerns for people who contact us, as well as surviving members (including our own families)!

      We are trying to get the email problem straightened out, and it should be soon. (We’ve contacted Outlook with our problem)
      We aren’t allowed to post an alternative email here, but some of you might be getting a personal reply/email, (if your email addy is currently active), from another email provider and ‘User Name’, other than Katfirewoman. (We can’t say who might be contacting some of you, due to safety concerns. Comment back here, before replying to the email, to make sure that the email is from us! Give us a “CODE” to use in the Subject line.)

      Or, if you are leery of replying, (or, if this site is locked down again for whatever reason, and we don’t reply), and since you won’t recognize the sender’s name, search the “signature name” at bottom of email you receive (which will have a very specific subject line), and you will likely find similar work, being done by the sender, to make you feel more assured. We are sorry, but this is the best that we can do for now, besides publish comments that contain enough information to create a “New Post”. If you Do Not want your comment published, say so in your Comment, and we will not publish it, but will publish the information sent.

      WE control the Comments that get published, and which one’s don’t, on here (for the most part; WordPress has a built-in Spam Control that might not let your Comment even come through to us, which we haven’t any control over.)

      Also, IF we think that the Comment person is legit, and we would like more information to help with a case, we will email you, in most cases; after we check you out too:) If you definitely want a personal email back, comment back here again, even if not “published”, so we know that you are legit. Yes, we sometimes have to ‘creep’ on a Commenter, but we won’t do anything with information that we might find, unless you’re a POI/Suspect in a Homicide, Missing Person Case, or “NOT IN COMPLIANCE” with the law (such as Roderick C. Anagal has had trouble being this past year, but we couldn’t post on it; were locked-out.

      We will contact Parole officers, and Department of Corrections, in cases like his, such as when Roderick C. Anagal was in “Noncompliance”” as to his whereabouts this year, since Roderick C. Anagal IS on the Violent Offender registry in Montana (but from AZ).

      Shout out to Priscilla Eagleman-Lopez, PLEASE contact us via a Comment again! We won’t “approve it”, if you don’t want us to publish it, but need your current email address to contact you for more specific information, and to help bring attention to your father’s UNSOLVED HOMICIDE CASE on here with a page of his own! (Which we will do anyway, but need more info from you. The email that you’d used earlier in 2013 was replied to, (by another email addy, and not Katfirewoman). But, we haven’t heard back from you yet, and won’t send any further emails & research found, until we do hear back. We are reluctant to publish our own research without verifying some things with you first, since we try to think about the families of all victims first! Sorry that we can’t say more…:

      James Louis Eagleman, Jr. 6/13/1991, Montana. UNSOLVED HOMICIDE VICTIM! Justice for James Louis Eagleman. Jr.!!!!!!

      Due to the nature of this work, we have to have some level of ‘anonymity’, which is becoming more difficult these days. (We know that PERPS of these crimes love that, but, IT WON’T STOP US!
      (There are some crazy people in this world, and some dangerous people, (maybe even murderers, but definitely VIOLENT OFFENDERS), which we make known to the public, here.

      Again, we won’t ever give up, even if we have to move to another site and email, and even if we have to disclose who we really are!


      Katfirewoman Cares

      EDITED FROM PREVIOUS COMMENT BACK (12/22/2013), which stated (mostly):
      (_______ email us at katfirewoman@hotmail.com to provide all of the details of your experiences with “him”? We will correspond more then, okay? (please?) It’s very important, despite this late approval and reply (due to a WordPress ‘lock-out)!
      Also, it’s not just you who’d had these experiences with “him”; other women were saved from further involvement with ‘him’, after a flurry of emails, whom had the same concerns and comments! We must help protect ALL women from ‘him’! YES, he is a con artist, who’d ‘hung around’ and manipulated Jill’s family, until THE DAY HER BODY WAS FOUND (when he LEFT!)! And, still does via ‘his friends’. They live in fear, and he IS a REGISTERED VIOLENT OFFENDER in MONTANA (but the site doesn’t tell how serious his crime was! He’d stabbed a man (disabling him for life) SIX TIMES, including TWICE in the THROAT; Where does a DOG go for the kill? The throat! Rod/Roderick Charles Anagal DID try to kill the man on the Flathead Reservation (outside of a bar near the casino)! Anagal was found guilty, but for some well meaning FEMALES, (of a “religious group” whom he’s also ‘conned’), he got 20 years, then 10 years ‘reduced’, then was OUT of prison in about 2 1/2 years, (including time spent in the “Half-way” house at Billings, MT, where he was out of jail, on Facebook, on “Plenty of Fish” (dating site, luring women to ‘nature’ spots to meet them!), and had taken photos of himself in his own jail cell.
      (All of this is in violation of his incarceration, and later, his PAROLE. Rod Anagal was NOT in compliance with his Parole and “Violent Offender” Status reporting THIS YEAR. (Roderick Anagal had moved MANY MILES from Billings, MT, to live (in a small apt.) right next door to both a casino, and two bars; all of which was a further violation of his parole! (NO Gambling/NO Alcohol) HE WASN’T in BILLINGS!
      This link shows that he is now “in compliance” again (right, do we believe that?)
      Image Not Available ANAGAL,Roderick Charles
      234 Terry Avenue, No 2 Billings Assault with a Weapon V N

      The half of what he did is NOT on above site! But, we have it all, and will be publishing a recent photo as well (from when he wasn’t in “Compliance”)! (NOTE: WE DID PUBLISH THE RECENT PHOTO!)
      Thanks, _______(name removed)!
      katfirewoman (go ahead, Rod, and others, COMMENT on this site! Rod Anagal, (and Ramaris Paul Anagal, your CONVICTED rapist/kidnapping brother of Jilleda Jay John, we’d love to hear from BOTH OF YOU! (AND YOUR ‘BEST FRIEND’, ROD, WHO IS A FAMILY MEMBER OF JILL’S, AND WHOM WAS AWAITING ‘SEXUAL ASSAULT’ CHARGES WHEN JILLEDA JAY JOHN WAS MURDERED!; EVEN THOUGH JILL WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN ‘WITNESS PROTECTION’ WITH THE FBI AT THE TIME THAT SHE WAS MURDERED (JILLEDA JAY JOHN WAS AWAITING THE SENTENCING OF RAMARIS PAUL ANAGAL, at the time Jilleda Jay John (Jill John) went missing, for HIS KIDNAPPING AND SEXUAL ASSAULT OF HER)! JILL was supposed to be protected while yet ANOTHER family member’s sexual assault charges were pending too! So, who had motive? Who had opportunity? And, WHY WAS RODERICK C. ANAGAL PICKED UP BY A FEMALE (WHOSE DAUGHTER ALSO HAD BEEN KILLED ON THOSE CLIFFS; (word has it that the daughter of the woman had “just walked off the cliff”????); Rod Anagal was given a ride/picked up, the VERY NIGHT that Jilleda Jay John went “missing”… Rod Anagal was given a ride by the other daughter’s mother in the wee hours of the morning AT MUMMY CAVE!
      Your dang right, Katwoman Cares, and so do a LOT of other people!

  3. katfirewoman says:

    Yikes! No, Noelle, there is NO FUNCTIONING email at hotmail for katfirewoman. WordPress doesn’t provide that (unbeknownst to us). Comment again here, and we will also try to reach you by email given. TY! Very interested in your ‘experience’ w/ Anagal!

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