UPDATE! YES, Roderick Anagal eligible for parole? He’s out of prison, back on Facebook, etc.


Here he is on Facebook:




With a blonde.  Hope she knows what she’s getting herself into!

Still a registered VIOLENT OFFENDER, we think?: (page would not display)

Image Not Available, ANAGAL,Roderick Charles, 3306 1/2 3rd Avenue North, Billings, Assault with a Weapon,


Anagal had stabbed a man six times, twice in the throat, leaving him disabled in Kallispell on the Flathead Reservation, MT. Read more below and in other posts here.  He served very little of his 10 years suspended of a 20 year sentence.   OUT in about 2 years.

Look for him in a neighborhood near YOU!  Montana, Arizona? (Home town, Chinle, Apache Co., AZ), Who knows…?

Better picture of Rod Anagal from inside his cell from one of his other public accounts below here in posts. 

Katfirewoman Cares about WOMEN & MEN who are victims of violent criminals!

PREVIOUSLY: (2/10/2011)

Rod Anagal is still on MySpace.  Roderick C. Anagal was awaiting his psychological evaluation in October and November 2010, before he was to be released on parole (after serving LESS THAN 2 YEARS of a 10 yr. sentence.  (WAS ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE; GIVEN 20 YEARS; GOT 10 YEARS SUSPENDED!).  In December 2010 the Montana Dept. of Justice granted Roderick C. Anagal parole based on completion of his pre-release program at Alpha House in Billings.  Anagal had been sentenced to only 10 years in prison  but pled guilty to Assault w/ a weapon in Jan. 2009 for stabbing a man 6 times.

Roderick Charles Anagal is almost free on parole.

Anagal is supposed to pay restitution,  to the un-named man that he stabbed, in the  amount of $19,000.00 (the man has permanent damage).  Seems to us he violated his pre-release and should never have been eligible for parole!

Roderick C. Anagal has been on Facebook, MySpace, & Plentyoffish dating site where he can prey on unsuspecting women.   A woman did contact us asking about him, then removed him from her Facebook. The MT DOJ is aware of his activities, and he is a REGISTERED VIOLENT OFFENDER in MT.  Yet he is getting paroled?

 http://www.abcmontana.com/news/state/37709144.html?sitemap=rss (His sentencing article).

We must wonder WHERE is the JUSTICE?

We want to know where he is going, where he will be registered as a violent offender, and if the people in Chinle, Arizona (and everywhere!) will be preserved from his violence?!

We want to know more about the outstanding warrant he has in New Mexico as well.

We’d like to know if his DNA was ever tested to match the remains of homicide victim Jilleda Jay John, (Navajo).  (See related posts here).

 We’d like to know if his (FELON) DNA was tested at Jilleda Jay John’s Crime Scene.  (of CHINLE, APACHE CO., AZ) 


Roderick C. Anagal’s BROTHER, Ramaris Anagal,  is in prison (25 years) for the kidnapping  and RAPE of Jilleda Jay John, found murdered before the sentencing process was over.   Jilleda was under F.B.I. PROTECTION when she was murdered.  Roderick left Chinle the day Jilleda’s body was found.

(“Rod”, why not WILLINGLY offer the DNA test if innocent?)

We’d like to know much more, but the following is all the Montana Department of Justice is saying…now.

State of Montana – Board of Pardons and ParoleDOC ID Offender NamePre Board Hearings ListCrimeMonth: 11-2010HearingBillings Pre-Release Center (Alpha House) Assault w/a Weapon    


Eligibility Date


(SO TINY: ASSAULT W/A WEAPON (Better?) STABBED A MAN 6 times causing permanent diability!) 

10/8/2010 A

3001268 ANAGAL, Roderick Charles

State of Montana – Board of Pardons and Parole. DOC ID. Offender Name. Parole. Eligibility Date ANAGAL, Roderick Charles. 10/8/2010. Assault w/a Weapon …. RIDGLEY, Hugh C. 6/21/2009. Theft (RSS); Criminal Mischief (RSS);

Original sentencing article:


( NOTE: Roderick C. Anagal is referred to as being a “Kalispell” man.  He is actually a Navajo man from Chinle, AZ.)



N = NONE Violent offenders are not given a tier level designation (ONLY CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS HAVE “TIERS”)

Image Not Available ANAGAL,Roderick Charles 104 North 31st Billings Assault with a Weapon V N

The above is his VIOLENT OFFENDER registration.  No image?  Anagal put his image up from his jail cell on one of his social networks that he shouldn’t have been on.   (Guess he had an illegal cell phone with a camera in his jail cell as well.  We have his picture, why doesn’t Montana?  And, he’s getting out despite the many infractions of his “Pre-release” program?

You can also see his picture from the court hearing article link.

Luckily we have ALL of the .pdf downloads (and pictures) in regards to Mr. Roderick Charles Anagal,  since the files seemed to have disappeared from the net.  Especially what the criteria is for his parole.  No bars, No gambling, No casinos, Drug & Alcohol registration and aftercare.  Must attend D&A support groups.  Must not drink or take drugs. Must pay his child support.  Must “take care of the WARRANT in NEW MEXICO”.  

We  wonder how much Mr. Roderick C. Anagal will be “followed-up” on?  Too many cases of VIOLENT OFFENDERS on PAROLE are not followed closely.   Until they commit another crime?


Stay tuned for an update!

Katfirewoman Cares


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4 Responses to UPDATE! YES, Roderick Anagal eligible for parole? He’s out of prison, back on Facebook, etc.

  1. priscilla eagleman lopez says:

    i need help. My dad, James Louis Eagleman jr,was murderd 6-13-91 two wks before my 11th birthday. It remains unsolved to this day. Where can i go, who can help me find justice?

    • katfirewoman says:

      Sorry for late reply, and not allowing post until now (due to WordPress problems)
      Looks like your dad, James Louis Eagleman, Jr., is found on a Montana Death Index site:
      EAGLEMAN JR, JAMES, LOUIS – 6/13/1991 – 3645 – 21
      Looks like a LOT of other EAGLEMAN deaths occurred in that same year, 1991. (Could there be a connection? (on a quick look)
      Condolences for your other losses (Baby Cole) too.
      Can you provide any news articles, or more info, if able to send to hotmail?
      (“Who, what, when, where, how, why, what for”, even if your OWN ideas of what may have happened, okay?
      Will help you in whatever way possible! (And, will keep digging since just seeing this case)
      Blessings & Prayers,

      Katfirewoman Cares!

    • katfirewoman says:

      Compiling all data found on your father (not enough found on him yet, particularly his burial place, specifics of his Homicide. You should have received an email (but NOT from Katfirewoman) with the subject line including James Louis Eagleman, Jr. Please DO open it and reply (it’s a yahoo email acct. Sorry… can’t reveal the name for safety purposes in this work!)

  2. katfirewoman says:

    DO NOT send any emails to hotmail at this time. The email account won’t open; no longer allowing a sign in. Working on the problem!
    Please correspond by leaving a message/comment (pending approvals, but will be checking daily, now that WordPress is working again) here. You will be contacted by the Investigator with a yahoo email account address, with specific info in subject line. DO check your “Junk” folder too. Do you have the same email acct., Priscilla? It was found on a myspace with one V. N. (initials of a young lady, in WA, not same as you. Have spent many hours looking into this case and want to publish something about your father’s Unsolved Homicide: James Louis Eagleman, Jr. 06-13-1991, Hill Co., MT
    (Cree, or, Chippewa-Cree, right? Havre? (Rocky Boy), Hill Co., MT? seems right, but found one George Eagleman in SD, and a few others, possibly your brother on youtube. (Also, believe we know how to contact you by phone and slow mail, if the email you used is no longer active; expect a phone call, letter, or, plz reply to sent email, if active). We believe we have this right too: initials “R. J. E.”; won’t spell out the name & relationship, until discussed with you. Please contact here again!

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