Irving Audiss Jr. : 20 YR. UNSOLVED CASE (SD)

It has been 20 years this month since the body of Irving Audiss, Jr.  was found dead.   He was a 32 year-old Lakota man enrolled at Rosebud Indian Reservation in SD.  His death is considered a suspicious HOMICIDE!
(Photo provided by family)
Irving was a father of 3 young children, now grown.  He was the eldest of 8 children.  His mother and father survive him.  Everyone’s hearts are still hurting with no
resolve in this matter nor answers from the police or community in Rapid City, South Dakota.
But, someone HAD to have seen something!  Irving was 6’2" tall, 210 pounds,  and had been "placed" in the water of a creek off Omaha St. 
"Placed".  Or so stated a retired Pennington County retired detective who had worked on the case.
Contrarily, the family stated that Irving was "dragged" to the water, as there were boot mark scrapes from his boots leaving the parking lot at the tennis court to the
According to the family there were also other "FACTS" not in the news article NOR the AUTOPSY! (which was "inconclusive"):
Irving Audiss, Jr., had "BLACK STICK MARKS" (like a "baton" might leave?) "ON THE BACK OF BOTH OF HIS HANDS"; "Like defensive wounds"
Irving had a "Cut above his head" 
Irving had what "appeared to be a BROKEN JAW" according to family members who had identified his body
Irving was found in the creek at 10 am. the following morning by fishermen.
At least 500 people attended his funeral; WHO would want Irving dead?
He was well liked by all accounts, a hard worker, a family man… He had played baseball and was good at it… He had learned the brick-layer/masonry trade and was good at it… He helped his father as a truck driver.  He was an auto mechanic and helped many out of the goodness of his heart… a wonderful son & brother who looked out after his sisters… he was a "talented artist",  and loved his family…
Then, there are the rumors…
Rumors that leave the family with broken hearts and wondering… yet, they knew their son "was a good boy"… :
"Irving was at a bar and got into what "seemed like a fight"
Irving took a "shot" of something at a party and died on the spot; they reversed the drug so it wouldn’t be found in his body???????   WHAT!??????
They had to dump him in the river because of the immediate death from the "shot"… He was last seen in a "BLACK TRUCK".
What bar?  What party?  How many "Black Trucks" are there, were there, in Rapid City in 1990??????
WHO saw, WHAT happen, WHEN, and WHERE?  HOW???   WHY????
No answers… In what was then an even much smaller community NO ONE knows anything?????   
"Irving was a drinker"… Or so the article above seemed to focus on that.
So what if he did drink?  Did he deserve to be killed or left to die, or dragged into a creek? 
WHY weren’t the Police called??
WHY not an ambulance?
The distance from the alledged bar where "a fight" occured is between 1-2 miles to the tennis court and the creek behind that.
The LOCAL Rapid City Police investigated the crime, and have NOT solved this case in 20 years.  In fact, they state that there are "only a handful of unsolved deaths" "potential homicides"  in Rapid City.  (Many of us know for a FACT that there are way more UNSOLVED deaths/Homicides in "Indian country"… and Rapid City, not counting THE MISSING!)
BUT, you also need to know that 7 or 8 OTHER BODIES were found above the spot where Irving was found in the 1990’s!
Now, I for one would definately like to know more about those cases and if they were solved or remain "COLD CASES"?!
Interestingly, the autopsy shows NO TIME OF DEATH!  Yet, Irving was found at just 10 am. the following day?
The death certificate for Irving (highly irregular to have been issued, BTW, in an UNSOLVED "homicidal in nature" case)  states "NOTHING SPECIFIC" as to cause of death! 
In fact, even the alcohol in Irving Audiss, Jr. was NOT ENOUGH TO KILL HIM!  NOTHING "ELSE" SHOWED UP IN HIS AUTOPSY!  Not even the purported "marijuana he had smoked that night" according to another "rumor". 
WHERE did the police get the info that Irving was thrown out of ("ejected from")  a "North Rapids" bar for "intoxication"?  HOW do the police know that if they can’t follow the whereabouts of Irving that fateful night?   WHO told them that?  WHERE did he go AFTER that?  WHAT Black Truck?  What bar?  Who saw him there or kicked him out?  
Questions… and more questions…
What is wrong with this picture?
Something stinks and it isn’t the fish in the creek!
We applaud the eforts of The Rapid City Journal and the article by
 Andrea Cook at 394-8423 or
We appreciate the cooperation of the Rapid City Retired Police Detective Chris Grant, as well as the hopefully renewed interest in this UNSOLVED CRIME by
Capt. Deb Cady who is supposed to be reviewing the case according to family and the article linked here.
We mourn along with the family of Irving Audis, jr. and our deepest, heart-felt condolences go out to them.  We appreciate their help and input into this additional article!  We PRAY along with them that answers will come from our small effort to help here.   PLEASE HELP US!?  Feel free to circulate this article by katfirewoman who cares…
The BIA nor the FBI were never called; Under Major Crimes Act, a homicide investigation must be done by both if an enrolled American Indian is involved!
Only the LOCAL POLICE investigated.
His sister had recently contacted the Rapid City P.D. in South Dakota and the Rapid City Journal newspaper on the anniversary of his UNSOLVED death, and a story was run due to her efforts.  Thank you, Bridget… and Mother for the info here.
Here’s the article link:

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