Beware of Roderick C. Anagal; Violent Offender MT! & Candlelight Service for Jilleda Jay John

It has been brought to our attention that Roderick Charles Anagal, in a pre-release program at Alpha House, Billings, MT, after serving only a year and 1/2 of his 20 year/10 year suspended sentence for assaulting an un-named man on the Flathead Reservation at a Kallispell Casino, has a MYSPACE and has been contacting women.  Authorities at the Alpha House have been alerted to Anagal’s illegal use of computer social websites yet the sites remain. We are extremely concerned for women he has contacted since they likely do not know that Roderick Charles Anagal is on the Montana Violent Offenders Registry, yet his site says nothing about his "Violent Offender" status! Please BEWARE of this man! Montana Dept. of Corrections needs to find out how he bought a cell phone, where he is keeping it, and get him OFF The Internet where he can prey on unsuspecting women!
 BEWARE of this man who stabbed a man 6 times (including twice in the throat!  (Roderick Charles Anagal, from Navajo Nation, not Kallispell/Flathead Reserve; he left for Montana the day that a body was found on the Navajo Reservation)
On June 16, 2010, (went missing in March 2006, her body was found on June 16, 2006) a Candlelight Vigil will be held for Jilleda Jay John, a young Navajo mother who was murdered at Mummy Cave in Canyon de Chelley.  Please keep Jill in your thoughts and prayers.  Her case remains UNSOLVED for now…
Katfirewoman Cares

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2 Responses to Beware of Roderick C. Anagal; Violent Offender MT! & Candlelight Service for Jilleda Jay John

  1. Katfirewoman says:

    We very much appreciate that the Montana Dept. of Corrections has likely removed a registered violent offender, Billings, MT, Roderick C. Anagal from MYSPACE & FACEBOOK!!! Katfirewoman Cares

  2. Katfirewoman says:

    But, Rod Anagal is still on plentyoffish a dating site where he can lure women… profile_id=18982022 or Rod (cached). His picture is in Blog here (in prison cell!) Be safe ladies!Katfirewoman Cares

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