Jilleda Jay John, unsolved Murder a “Cold Case”

What can be done to help this family find Justice for the unsolved murder of their beloved daughter, neice, sister, cousin in
Navajoland, Chinle, AZ?
Any and all help appreciated ASAP. 
Sad to say, the family of Jilleda Jay John, whose body was found in 2006 and returned to her family for burial in 2008, near Chinle, AZ, has been told that Jill’s case is now "a cold case" and has been filed as such on the Navajo Reservation in Apache County. 
The FBI had promised a REWARD poster, but never came thru with one. The crime scene was not secured and family members found additional evidence including skin, clothing, jewelry, a sock, shoes, a sweatshirt, and more just yards from Jill’s body.  The cause of death has not been released and likely will not be released as a death certificate because the case is "unsolved".  That means that Jill’s little son can’t get any Victim $$ or Social Security benefits. There is no "closure" in the case for the family. 
Living in fear, the family has recieved hang-up phone calls, and other have experienced other "strange" events meant to intimidate them.
Elder grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings, have had unusual and frightening "hang-ups", are stared at in stores, and wonder who to trust in the expansive yet small- town-like community and neighboring areas where stores and gasoline stations exist.
The family feels as if no one cares because "it isn’t their family member who was killed".  The "Navajo Police don’t care". 
Sound far-fetched?
Take a look at some of the articles found on homicide in the Navajo Nation.  Most include alcohol & bootlegging. Jill had lived in the middle of the bootlegging center when she was murdered. There are also Meth labs in the same vicinity.  Most Navajo don’t report what is going on because they don’t want to become the next victim of crime.   It is far to dangerous to call the police (Is it possible that some of the police may be involved in allowing bootlegging?)  The following article from 1999 could have been written yesterday since so little has actually changed on the Navajo Reserve:
(Articles following)

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