Jilleda Jay John murdered Navajo “cold case” WHY!?

Jill’s Killer (s) have been free to walk the streets and canyons since 2006.  Navajo "Sovereignty" better step up to the plate here. We have many more women (and others) dead, unsolved in Navajoland. Like they said, they only have  200  jail cells.
With their own prosecutors running into police cruisers with a 5th DWI/DUI, lets hope the Navajo Nation can get a handle on the terrible crimes and poverty pervading their lands. It is literally time to get their heads out of the sand!
Their job is to "Protect & Serve" their community/Tribal Nation.  It is time that they do so.
The Fed has done little to nothing to make any of the woes of Navajoland any better. This writing is NOT exhonerating them from their poorly done job either.  If this bickering over jurisdiction doesn’t stop, those who are criminals will cheer and the Navajo People will cringe and hide in their homes, as they wonder, "Am I next?" in a long line of horrendous and unsolved crimes…
Little has been written about Jilleda Jay John’s unsolved murder, the details of which can be found at:
See Photos & Missing/Murdered Native Women links at:
Posted case at:
ourcyberlodge@groups.msn.com (All MSN Groups are now closed)
http://forums.amw.com/foxamw/messages or
under new Messages "Unsolved Cases"
Jilleda John by kabespir
Nancy Grace Show  was emailed several times after Jill’s body was found; no reply.
As promised I will continue to help in this case for however long it takes.
There are more unsolved murder cases in Navajoland, but you won’t hear about them.  Those who know about them are often too afraid to discuss them.  Newpapers keep the cases out of the papers or they have been archived and require a subscription.  I’ll be adding more as I can, but I think these two cases are enough to show that something is very wrong and needs to be corrected for life to be better in Navajoland.  Let Sovereignty prevail, but also DO THE JOB.  Bring justice to the family of Jilleda Jay John by arresting her killer (s).  For starters how about getting the DNA of felon Roderick Anagal who is in jail at Flathead Montana for attempted murder. He is a likely suspect in Jill’s case.
Secondly, protect Jill’s family.   Thirdly, admit that a terrrible forensic job was done and do the best that you can with the evidence that is left.   Fourth, talk to the people who were given permission to discuss the case with you, the officials.
Fifth, stop fighting over who’s in charge and get to the important matters.  DO YOUR JOBS!  Sixth, get a REWARD POSTER UP as promised. 
No Justice, No Peace,
(The above from an email prepared by Kabespir and is reposted here). Feel free to circulate!  It is TIME for accountability in Jilleda Jay John Case and the too many others; more info on Jill’s case found in January 2009 Blog here.)
Justice for Jilleda Jay John,
Katfirewoman Cares!

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