ANOTHER Navajo Unsolved murder (1991) Composite of VIC

Jilleda Jay John’s Unsolved Murder has been discussed in this blog as well as a murder of a nun on Halloween 2009, Navajo Nation.
Now we have another unsolved murder and a composite sketch of the victim from Feb. 2010 news who was murdered in 1991!
Sure took a long time to get this info out to the public?! Guess that’s why people in Navajo nation think they can get away with murder…
and DO!:

Sketches made in unsolved murder case

By Elizabeth Piazza The Daily Times
Posted: 02/19/2010 12:00:00 AM MST

FARMINGTON — FBI officials hope new composite sketches of a woman whose body was discovered in a shallow grave in Farmington will bring fresh leads to a 19-year-old investigation.

The body was discovered in 1991 near Power Plant Road, but officials believe the remains were in the ground for several years prior to the discovery, FBI Special Agent Darrin Jones said.

The woman is described as between 5 feet 4-7 inches and in her mid 20s to early 30s, Jones said.

Bernalillo County Sheriff Detective Mary Brazas completed the two-dimensional facial reconstructions.

"It’s one of the ones that needs to be identified and get the remains back to the families," Brazas said.

The drawings depict what the woman might have looked like near the time of her death.

Anyone who might recognize this woman or have any information related to her disappearance is asked to contact FBI Special Agent Bill Hall at (505) 564-7541, or the Office of the Medical Investigator Terry Coker at (505) 272-3053, or Navajo Nation Criminal Investigations at (505) 368-1300.

Elizabeth Piazza:

Reposted Under Fair Use Act:


(For all we know this could be the same killer (s) of Jilleda Jay John?  Or a SERIAL KILLER!?

Let’s HOPE the Navajo Nation and FBI finally do their job in ALL of the unsolved

murder cases in Navajoland! It is WAY beyond time to do so in our opinions! )

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