Kayla John, 13; Murderer George Osmond Update

A .pdf file from:
has the latest news in the George Roswell Osmond Trial in the murder of little Kayla John, 13, of the Ehattesaht First Nations in the tiny village of Zeballos, British Columbia, Canada.
The article begins on page 1 "Old Wounds Opened Wide" by Debora Steel, Ha-Shilth-Sa Reporter, and continues on page 5.
This is from October 8, 2009.
George Roswell Osmond, who won a new trial (was previously convicted) is expected to have "a decision in the case Dec. 11" 2009.
See other associated blogs here for more background and transcripts from this case.
Justice for Kayla!
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2 Responses to Kayla John, 13; Murderer George Osmond Update

  1. Bill says:

    It\’s about time this sick little bastard was put away for as long as he couild be. I worked with his father and babysat he and his brother. They are all a little messed up in the head as far as i\’m concerned. I wish i could spend ten minutes with him alone.

  2. Katfirewoman says:

    Thank you for your insights and comments. Kayla John finally has some JUSTICE! 25 years at least…Katfirewoman

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