3 Young Girls’ Bodies Found WY

Three bodies found on Wind River Reservation
Thursday, June 5, 2008
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Three people were found dead in a housing complex on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming on Wednesday.

The FBI and the Bureau of Indian Affairs are investigating. No information was released about the victims.

The bodies were found at the Beaver Creek Housing Development, near Riverton.

The reservation is home Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Northern Arapaho Tribe.
 After searching for more "three bodies found" nearly 1 /12 years ago and still remain unsolved as per articles above &  below, Indianz.com.
The linked articles "Three Bodies Found on Tribal Land" is "unsupported media" ; Just disappeared from the Billings Gazzette?
Is the link, but article is not there…
Trib.com does have the second linked article reposted below Under Fair Use Act:
FBI probes discovery of three bodies

CHRIS MERRILL Star-Tribune staff writer | Posted: Wednesday, June 4, 2008 12:00 am | No Comments Posted

LANDER – The bodies of three people were discovered on the Wind River Indian Reservation, and the FBI is investigating the incident, a spokesman for the Northern Arapaho Tribe said today.

The three bodies were found in a home in the Beaver Creek housing development near U.S. Highway 789 just south of Riverton this morning.

"At the present time we know that there were three victims involved," said Jonathan Barela, with the Northern Arapaho Tribe’s public relations office. "We’re unsure of the exact time of death. We do not know the cause nor any of the events leading up to the deaths of the three individuals. At the present time, we are unsure of their ages, and their identities have not been released."

Officials with the FBI declined to comment on the investigation, other than to confirm that the agency was working in conjunction with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to investigate the matter.

Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan said more information would be available Thursday.

Barela said the three bodies were transported to Loveland, Colo., where autopsies were scheduled to be performed.

Jerry Evagelatos, patrol sergeant with the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department, said county officers helped secure the scene this morning, but the sheriff’s department is not involved in the investigation.

(There are NO COMMENTS  on this outrageous article and situation!)

We need to ask ourselves WHY mainstream media has not done more to alert those of us who care about crime and MURDER? in "Indian Country" about these

deaths in a timely manner, and WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, etc. are involved.  Is there a REWARD POSTER?
If the FBI is involved Under Major Crimes Act, then there should be a reward poster at the very least.

Yet, as per usual, even those of us who usually know about or find out about these cases because we are LOOKING for them, don’t get the cases until often years later because mainstream media doesn’t carry the articles, and article titles are "cryptic" in that they don’t say enough to have any tags, feeds, etc. to come to your home page.  The sheriff’s department is not involved in the investigation?  Then IS the FBI doing it’s job? Or are they just 3 more "dead Indians"?





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