George Osmond admitted killing Kayla John in 2004! Convict!

No updates on the George Roswell Osmond ‘new trial’ in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada in the murder of Kayla John, 13, in Zeballos, B.C. in 2004…
But, here is what he said in 2004, when he ADMITTED that he murdered, raped, and brutalized the body of little Kayla John before dumping
her body under a pile of debris:
(Osmond had hoped that his victim was Kayla’s sister, Ashley!)
From Osmond’s first trial in 2004 in which he was convicted, now awaiting a decision by ‘judge alone’ without ANY of the admission evidence
to be allowed:

‘I freaked out,’ accused killer says


CAMPBELL RIVER — George Osmond "freaked out" when he found Kayla John in a bed at her home rather than her sister and that led to the murder of the 13-year-old girl, Crown prosecutor Scott Van Alstine said Monday, the opening day of Osmond’s first-degree murder trial.

By Times Colonist (Victoria)

CAMPBELL RIVER — George Osmond "freaked out" when he found Kayla John in a bed at her home rather than her sister and that led to the murder of the 13-year-old girl, Crown prosecutor Scott Van Alstine said Monday, the opening day of Osmond’s first-degree murder trial.

John’s body was discovered April 27, 2004, in a wooded area near her home at Zeballos, a northern Vancouver Island community of about 220 people

Kayla and her older sister Ashley bore a striking resemblance to each other, said Van Alstine. In a statement to police, Osmond said he was surprised to find Kayla in Ashley’s bed and he "freaked out," said Van Alstine. "I went to see Ashley … it wasn’t Ashley," the prosecutor quoted Osmond as saying in his statement.

Osmond told police he dragged Kayla’s body out of the house, put her in the woods and ran home.

Why Osmond was in the house, and why he was looking for Ashley John hasn’t been explained in court yet.

Police arrested Osmond on May 14, 2004, the day an RCMP lab matched DNA from Osmond and Kayla John with DNA found in Ashley John’s bed.

Van Alstine’s presentation caused the lawyer for the accused to ask Justice Lance Bernard for a mistrial on the basis that the Crown’s opening was too detailed. "What has just occurred here undermines anyone’s sense of what a fair trial is," said Robert Mulligan.

Bernard dismissed the application, giving the go-ahead to the three-week trial that involves a large number of witnesses from Zeballos.

The morning was taken up with Bernard giving his reasons on pre-trial applications on the admissability of evidence. The judge ruled against defence motions to suppress the DNA evidence linking Osmond to the crime. Bernard also said that Osmond’s Charter rights were not violated by police during the interview process. And Bernard also allowed a confession Osmond allegedly made to police.

After police interviewed Osmond, he was put in a cell with an undercover officer. Van Alstine said the officer will testify that Osmond told him, "I’m screwed … DNA doesn’t lie … I’m going to be in jail for the next 20 years."

One Crown witness will be Osmond’s former girlfriend, who visited him in jail and found him distraught. "She has the recollection of him saying … he guessed he just must have lost control," Van Alstine said.

Van Alstine said Kayla John was last seen alive by a friend on April 25, 2004. A search started the next day but it

wasn’t until April 27 that Chief Ernest Smith, searching with his dog, located Kayla John’s body buried under ferns and wood debris. She was wearing only a light shirt and had stab wounds to her chest, lacerations of her genitals and blunt-trauma to her skull.

The Crown’s case will involve witnesses from two social gatherings that took place on April 26 where the victim and the accused were seen. Several witnesses are expected to testify they asked Osmond about scratches on his neck which he explained were caused by wrestling with a male friend.

The trial continues today.

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What will be the outcome of this ‘new trial’ for Osmond? Will this MURDERER go free?
No Updates have been found since the trial by judge alone began September 23, 2009.
This murder is so horrendous that even Wikipedia has mentioned the murder on their Zeballos, British Columbia page. Which needs updated since Osmond was granted a new trial and his conviction was thrown out.   Is Osmond walking the streets a "free man" while all of the trials have been underway?  Especially since his conviction was overturned in 2007 based on a technicallity or loophole, (which this writer does NOT believe his rights were violated; Read the police transcripts for yourself.  Osmond WAS told to consult his attorney and given ample time and oppotunity to do so, in fact DID contact an attorney, and was told to say NOTHING, yet did speak to police.  Is this guy smart enough to know that he could get off this way?!)

On April 27, 2004, the body of young resident Kayla John was found in a wooded area close to her home. The murder made national headlines, shaking this tiny community of under two hundred and fifty people. Less than one month after her death, a local man, George Osmond, was charged with the death of the thirteen-year-old girl.[4] He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison shortly thereafter.[5]

The fact that Kayla John was a member of the Ehattesaht First Nation, and that her alleged killer was a white man, lead to suggestion of the crime having racial undertones. It also brought attention to the developing issue of juvenile delinquency in the area, a problem faced by many isolated, predominantly First Nations communities. [6] The public’s growing concern resulted in a locally organized policing initiative: Citizens on Patrol.[7]

Ironically, the grieving children of Zabellos were taken on an "outing" to where in 2004?  NANAIMO! where the new trial of George Roswell Osmond in the murder of Kayla John, 13, is being held behind closed doors by judge alone and with a "media blackout"?
We can feel some confidence that Osmond will be convicted on THE EVIDENCE alone in this trial.  The RCMP and other experts have the DNA and other crucial evidence from the crime scene.  (we hope!)  No judge worth a grain of salt could suppress the EVIDENCE in this case and no other judgemnet should be made against George Roswell Osmond except "GUILTY!"…
Last news on this trial (already posted below in this blog) at link:

New trial gets under way in Kayla John murder case

Canwest News Service

Published: Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new trial got under way in a Nanaimo court room on Monday for a former Campbell River man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl in Zeballos in 2004.

George Roswell Osmond, 26, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Kayla John. Her body was found in a pile of debris behind the family’s trailer.

The first witness in the trial was a retired RCMP corporal who worked with the forensic identification section in Campbell River.

David Collis said he was called to Zeballos and told the body of a girl reported missing had been found. Collis went through the process they used of meticulously documenting the crime scene before removing branches and wood piled on the body. Further details are expected to emerge as more officers, a forensic pathologist and witnesses from Zeballos testify at the B.C. Supreme Court trial.

The trial is by judge alone.

A new trial for Osmond was ordered after the Court of Appeal for B.C. found that Osmond’s right to consult a lawyer was breached after his arrest, about three weeks after John was killed.


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Read the articles below here.  Do YOU think that Osmond’s rights were "breached"?  If so, we’d love to hear from you!  The "evidence" is clear… George Roswell Osmond brutally assaulted, murdered, and hid the body of little Kayla John.  We appeal to the Judge to do the right thing:

"CONVICT!" George Roswell Osmond in the murder of Kayla John!!!!!!!!  He deserves more than the maximum 25 year penalty in Canada (Life sentence) as he will likely receive time-served?  And perhaps some other "reduced sentence"?

We urge the Judge and The Canadian Crown to NOT allow a killer to go free to likely kill again.

Our children are not safe with killers like George Roswell Osmond on the streets, and he knows ALL of the children in Zeballos by name! 

Justice for Kayla John,




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