George Osmond Trial; Murder of Kayla John age 13 B.C.

George Roswell Osmond, the convicted killer of Kayla John, a 13 yr-old child, in April 2004 is receiving a new trial by "judge alone" in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. 
By his OWN admission, Osmond brutally assaulted Kayla John in her bed. Her eye was knocked out of it’s socket, bones were broken, and she was raped, beaten and strangled; finally, he cut her throat. 
Then, Osmond BURIED her under a huge pile of wood and debris in the back area behind her mobile home in Zeballos, a tiny island in British Columbia.   
Osmond was convicted in the 2004 rape and murder of little Kayla John in , but he said he was not properly represented by his attorney, and his conviction of only 25 YEARS, was overturned.  There was a "change of venue" to Campbell River in 2007 in his 2nd trial.
Family members are sickened by Osmond "getting off" for a crime that he admitted to committing.
His admission was videotaped by the Provincial Police (RCMP).
Link to article on this horrible crime:
"Smith walked to the back of the John property and then around the fence at the back while his dog jumped through a hole in the wire, Smith told the court.

The dog went straight to a pile of wood debris, "My dog and began pawing and sniffing at it."

"Smith lifted some of the debris with a stick, "and I saw the line of her body and the colour of her skin."

"I was in so much shock I just about fell down," he testified.

"The officers removed the debris and found Kayla lying on her back wearing only a blood-soaked white T-shirt. Her hair was matted with blood and partly covered her face. Her throat was cut and there was a quantity of blood on the ground beneath her head and shoulders."

"John and his partner called the RCMP and made sure no one disturbed the body until a constable arrived.

"We didn’t let anybody in there," said Smith."

(Katfirewoman has followed this case from the beginning, and believes that the RCMP & Investigators followed "protocal" and also DID NOT violate Osmonds rights nor force a testimony from Osmond!  He was given a phone book and was abe to call an attorney who told him, "Do not speak to the police or any other inmates",
but, Osmond talked…on video he confessed. The video confession wa the primary evidence at the first trial.  Now, he has had his conviction overturned because he lied and said he wasn’t properly represented?! A new trial in his conviction?! Osmond KNEW about law and even joked that he had taken LAW classes in school!
Kayla John picture:
More to come,
(Is the system and the community, and the world going to allow a convicted killer of a beautiful, young, Christian First Nation CHILD to go Free?!)

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One Response to George Osmond Trial; Murder of Kayla John age 13 B.C.

  1. Meggan says:

    Whatever happened to George?

    Katfirewoman says: He got a new trial, then, the maximum which is 25 years (considered “Life”) in Canada. He is likely appealing. Will check into it for you.

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