It has been awhile since there has been any reports on Wyatt Cole Little Light and his remains have never been found. There has never been an explanation nor names of others, whose bodies were found previously, as stated by the Under-Sheriff in Ft. Smith/Crow Agency which he had descibed as a "dumping ground" for bodies…
A second CRIME in Indian Country has also occurred and is continuing in Montreal, Canada.
Commonly called the OKA Crisis (a stand-off in which Mohawk People were shot and killed, arrested, and more, which is ongoing and desrves International Attention) over Land Rights and a Golf Course which remains UNRESOLVED. 
There is a video on the struggle which will enlighten the viewer as to the struggle, the killing of innocent protestors and illegal arrests which all of you should watch.
The following was released on July 11, 2009 with the video (the anniversary of the beginning of the struggle):
You will be shocked if you have never heard of this before.
"Kanehsatake 270 Years Later"
Be prepared to be very upset because this video shows the suffering of The First Nation People,
the assaults upon them and Elders, shootings, illegal detentions, interrogations, cigarettes being put out on their stomach to force "confessions"… All of this and more, done by the Provincial Government of Canada, their S.W.A.T. teams & police… against The People who oppose the Land theft…all of this for a golf course… they are suffering, and in some cases dying…
There is another golf course being proposed miles away on The Grand River Six Nations Reserve involving private land grants there… will there be another "Crisis" as the golf course will be next to Sacred Cayuga Burial grounds and Band Council there has already stated that there will be no sales of land to non-natives… One tract of the 3 parcels belongs to the widow of a Hereditery Chief’s son who has recently "walked to spirit"… who will speak for him besides his wife? Will the Band Council at Grand River allow such a sale of this parcel which adjoins two others BUT has "medicine" there which should not be toyed with? It was the desire of the deceased man that the land would NOT be sold. While living, though modestly, he refused ALL offers of sale including up to 1/2 million dollars! (For a golf course)… We shall see if the Grand River Band Council will remain as strong as the Mohawk in denying any land sales for a golf course there as well… Look at the video of the Kanehsatake struggle; will history repeat itself on The Grand River/Six Nation’s Reserve?
In Peace & Prayers,
Map of Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada  ("working files") of land "use" including Six Nations Canada Map:
More to come… (all persons who spoke of this shall remain anonymous for their protection)
All links/info reposted under FAIR USE ACT

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