Little Light Family STILL MISSING MT 2+Months!

The supposed "National News" was short-lived, to say the least!  A "Blurb" on Nancy Grace Show on HLN over 1 month ago, and NO articles or info in the case since Jan. 2009… Why is it that if one is MISSING or Murdered in "Indian Country" that little to No National Media Attention is given?  We’ll keep asking that question until we get a legitimate answer…
There are too many bodies turning up dead on Indian Reservations; Unsolved! Too many Missing women, children, and men; over 10,000
"American Indians" were/are missing in 2007.  African Americans account for over 250,000 missing in 2007.  (Other ethnic groups may be higher but also have larger populations). 
The "system" is broken, society is broken, hearts are broken…
We will keep posting the Little Light Family and others Missing/Murdered Unsolved, until they are found and something is done to help the families wanting Justice for their loved ones who are still missing, or who have been murdered and remain in limbo by the bureaucracy of the broken "system" of Justice.  Please circulate the poster, pictures, and information found on this Blog Space to anyone and everyone on your mailing list.  Thank you for "caring" and "watching".  Let’s bring more light to these Missing cases and help families bring their loved ones home and get resolve in cases of murder such as Jilleda Jay John, Navajo, Del Muerto, AZ; murder victim whose case has remained
UNSOLVED for 3 years in May of 2009.  More on Jilleda John case in other Blog Topics here.

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