Little Light Family Missing One Month, Montana 1/23/2009

The Little Light Family has been MISSING for over a month as of today.  See previous blogs here for more articles and posters.
The Crow Tribe of which the Little Light’s are members, has issued a NEW POSTER with more pictures of Juliet Toineeta Little Light and baby
Wyatt Cole Little Light at:
Please circulate the poster to everyone on your mailing list.  The temperatures are -25 F in Montana and surrounding states…
Being gone this long, with their truck being found abandoned after an "anonymous" tip; WEST of their destination, in a remote
area, near Fort Smith, MT (Big Horn National Park), does not bode well for this MISSING family.
Here’s the MSNBC affiliate link &  story:
Family Still Missing After One Month
(Billings, MT Local News)
updated 47 minutes ago
Friday, January 23rd is the one month mark since a Big Horn County family went missing.
BILLINGS – Friday, January 23rd is the one month mark since a Big Horn County family went missing.
FBI investigators have joined Big Horn County officials and the BIA in their search for the Little Light family. Last seen at a relative’s home in December.
Teddy Little Light, his wife Juliet Toineeta and their three-month-old son, Wyatt, were reported missing after not attending a relative’s funeral. Relatives say the family had planned to head to Wyola, but Teddy was reported to be seen on December 31st at Lee’s Tavern in Billings.
Officials found the family’s abandoned truck in Crow Agency earlier this month, but found no evidence that could help them locate the family. Officials are actively pursuing multiple leads, including some from out of state.
Friends and relatives of the Little Lights are concerned they haven’t heard from them, but officials say they are still holding on to the hope that they may have just needed time away.
If you have any information on the family’s whereabouts, officials urge you to contact your local law enforcement.
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Please visit MSNBC link, rate the story as High Interest, and comment on both links. These actions will let the authorities and the public know that we are very
concerned about the Little Light Family Missing…And possibly bring a more "serious" approach to the case by the police who stated that maybe they just wanted
to get away for a little while… ???? Also, more media attention and inquiry is needed to bring this family home…

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One Response to Little Light Family Missing One Month, Montana 1/23/2009

  1. Katfirewoman says:

    The Little Light 1995 Chevrolet (Blue and White) Pickup Truck was found at St. Xavier Rd. and Grapevine Rd. Check the Maps Blog here for the Google Map link and some of the directions to this remote area.Note that the family said it was "unusual" for the family to be in that area near Ft. Smith! AND there was no sign of them, no footprints, struggle, anything… Did "aliens" whoosh them away?Why hasn\’t there been any more reported searches of the Little Light family? Are they in "protectivecustody" or "witness protection program"? If so, then I apologize for spreading this far & wide. But since there are now Posters of them MISSING, they must be MISSING?!They didn\’t just "get away" for a little while, did they!? Where is the Little Light Family!? Katfirewoman

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