Update & Maps Little Light Family MISSING MT

Aerial search finds no clues on missing Crow Agency family
January 10, 2009
BILLINGS (AP) — Federal investigators used a helicopter to search the area where a missing Crow Agency family’s vehicle was found, but found no clues to help them locate the Little Light family.
Teddy Little Light, his wife, Juliet Toineeta Little Light and their 3-month-old son Wyatt have not been seen since Dec. 23, when they stopped at Little Light’s mother’s house to drop off Christmas gifts.
The family was reported missing on Jan. 3 when Juliet failed to attend her grandmother’s funeral.
Matthew Pryor, the special agent in charge of the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Office of Justice Services, said Friday’s aerial search did not turn up any clues.
"I’m glad we didn’t find anything, but that doesn’t close the case or help the family,” he said. "The investigation will continue until we can reunite the family.”
Little Light’s pickup was found Monday near Fort Smith. It has been impounded, Pryor said.
BIA and Big Horn County law enforcement searched the area on foot and all-terrain vehicle earlier in the week and found nothing, said Undersheriff Rondell Davis.
Officials hoped they would be able to spot something from the air Friday after snow melted during Thursday’s warm weather.
The family is listed on state and national databases for missing persons.
http://mt.gov NOTHING Found on Teddy Little Light, wife Juliet, and infant Wyatt Little Light through January 14, 2008… Over THREE WEEKS MISSING!
http://missingkids.com/ (The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) Does NOT have a poster for Infant Wyatt Little Light as of 1/14/2008!
MAPS FOUND & Background on this case (see previous Blogs here)
Teddy Little Light and his wife Juliet Toineeta-Little Light and their 3 month old son were "going to Wyola", when they were last seen Dec. 23, 2008.  They were reported MISSING after they didn’t show up for Juliet’s grandmother’s funeral, Jan. 3, 2009. 
Thier pickup has been located "near Fort Smith" on "Monday" (January 5, 2009).
Wyola is located South of Crow Agency on I-90, after Lodge Grass. 37.2 miles, about a 36 minute drive according to Google Maps.
(Head North on I-90/212/87/509, Take Exit 509 toward Makawasha,
then exit 509 toward Crow Agency, 0.2 mi. left at Maskawasha,262 ft., Turn Left onto the ramp to Sheridan, 0.2 mi., Merge onto I-90 E., 32.2 mi, Exit 544 toward Wyola, Turn Right at HWY. 457 (WHICH IS THE GOING WEST! REMOTE area!) Turn Left to stay on Hwy. 457, turn left at Rte. 451, Turn Rt. at Main St. Wyola, MT)
These areas are extemely Remote with very High Mountainous areas of about 4800 feet throughout the region… Many dirt roads. Sattelite images available at http://maps.google.com/
Type in Crow Agency MT to Wyola MT and Crow Agency to Ft. Smith MT, and Lodge Grass MT to Ft. Smith MT, etc. 
The Truck found in OPPOSITE Direction: 
Ft. Smith is in the OPPOSITE direction of Wyola. From Crow Agency Ft. Smith is due West after going N. on I-90/212/87/509, 450 ft.,  continue on Crow-St X-Cutoff, 10.3 miles, left on Rte 313 S., 13.6 miles (313 bends sharply South about half-way, then bends sharply West, continue on Ft. Smith Ave 0.1 mile (A small town here consisting of about 3-6 Streets, first place of any noteable residences) (Rte. 313 takes a sharp turn South at this town at 1st Street), Left at 1st St/MT-313,0.5 miles, continue on HWY 313, 3.4 miles,(Sharp bend West again) turn left toward Little Owl Loop,(sharp turn South, 2.3 miles, (No Street views available for any except the small town above/REMOTE), to continue to Ft. Smith itself, Slight left at Little Owl Loop, 1.1 miles, still remote area turning West, Turn Left at Hwy. 313, Sharp turn South again, (BUT, We are now within about 3000-4000 Feet (going straight) of The Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, and The Bighorn River…
To continue to Ft. Smith follow Hwy-313, 10.5 miles, again REMOTE, no "street views available", Turn Left at Ok-A-Beh Rd., 0.2 miles, Ft. Smith.  Ft. Smith is located within the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.  There are Many Remote roads from Crow Agency to Ft. Smith AND within the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.
BIGHORN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA is a HUGE Canyon dependant on TOURISM near the Wyoming Border. (perhaps this is why NO NATIONAL MEDIA attention to this case?
The Little Lights could be Anywhere in that Canyon!?
About one third of the area is within the Crow Indian Reservation.
Barry’s Landing (picture)
Bighorn Lake extends 71 miles (114 km) through Wyoming and Montana, 55 miles (89 km) of which are held within spectacular Bighorn Canyon. The Recreation Area straddles the northern Wyoming and southern Montana borders. There are two visitor centers and other developed facilities; one in Fort Smith, Montana, and one near Lovell, Wyoming. The Afterbay Lake below the Yellowtail Dam is a good spot for trout fishing and wildlife viewing for ducks, geese, and other animals. The Bighorn River below the Afterbay Dam is a world class trout fishing area. North of Lovell, there is a spot where one can stand on the canyon rim, shout, and hear a "triple echo."
We don’t know exactly where the Teddy Little Light truck was found  "near Fort Smith" (Montana/Wyoming border)
The family could have "disappeared" Anywhere along the Remote stretches in above Map directions. Or they could have travelled South to Wyola, and the truck was taken to the Canyon/Ft. Smith area to deter anyone from finding them.
There is a Railroad that runs N/S along I-90/87 from Crow Agency where the Little Light family left on Dec. 23, 2008, "after dropping off Christmas presents" at Juliet’s mother’s house.  They told the family they were going to Wyola. Also, there is a road, Rte.212 which runs East (to Busby) and is at The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, just over 2 miles from Crow Agency.  At Lodge Grass, a little over half-way to Wyola, there is a turn off to the Railroad tracks and many small roads. Also, can pick up Rte. 463 S/WEST there, then turn Right on St. Xavier Road, 10.2 miles, turn Left at Good Luck Rd., 0.6 mi. (REMOTE), Slight Rt., 3.0 mi. (NO Street views available), Turn Rt.,1.4, Turn Left, 4.5, Turn Left toward Soup Creek Rd., 0.6, Turn Right at Soup Creek Rd., 2.1 mi.,
Turn Left at Hwy. 313, 7.6 Mi., Turn Left at Ok-A-Beh Rd.0.2 mi. arrive at Ft. Smith. 35.3 miles (abt. 1 Hr. 21 minutes from LODGE GRASS)
At Lodge Grass, there is a Main St./Rte. 463, which goes East to 87/90/530 N/S (Major Rd.)
There are also BIA Rds all thru these areas…
Registered Violent Offenders in the immediate area MT:
Searching for MOTIVE in Little Light case, I found an associated family name as  register violent offender in Lodge Grass, about 1/2 way to Wyola…
This person is not a Little Light.
Violent Offenses may include:
Violent Offenses
In 1995, the Montana Legislature required certain violent offenders to register in Montana in addition to sexual offenders. Montana is one of the few states that register violent offenders.
Aggravated Assault – MCA 45-5-202
Aggravated Kidnapping, victim not a minor – MCA 45-5-303
Arson – MCA 45-6-103
Assault on Minor – MCA 45-5-212
Assault on Peace Officer or Judicial Officer – MCA 45-5-210(1)(b), (1)(c) or (1)(d)
Assault with Weapon – MCA 45-5-213
Deliberate Homicide – MCA 45-5-102
Kidnapping, victim not a minor – MCA 45-5-302
Mitigated Deliberate Homicide – MCA 45-5-103
Operation of Unlawful Clandestine Laboratory – MCA 45-9-132
Partner or Family Member Assault, third or subsequent conviction – MCA 45-5-206
Robbery – MCA 45-5-401
Reasonably equivalent offenses of another state, a tribal government or the federal government also qualify.
Interestingly this person lives near the Railroad Drive I mentioned runs N & S from Crow Agency, MT to Lodge Grass to Wyola…
Also, recall that from Lodge Grass, the truck could have been taken West to Ft. Smith and dumped…
I hope the Police are checking into this…
(You can search the site link on right side for Offenders and just type in the city w/o any name. The lists come up. 18 in Crow Agency,
11 in Lodge Grass, 4 in Wyola, ("Ft. Smith/Fort Smith is not a Valid city"???)
Zip for Ft. Smith is 59035; Found 2 Sexual Offenders (Designation Level 2 & 3) there (Yellowtail area)Also offenders on all areas may reside at more than 1 address.
1 For an offender who resides at more than one address that matches the search criteria, the first address listed is the offender’s primary address.
2 Individuals convicted of certain offenses are designated as sexual and/or violent offenders. (See Offender Types and Tier Levels: Offender Types.)
3 In addition to sexual offenders and violent offenders, the Registry also refers to Sexually Violent Predators and Non-Compliant Registrants. (See Offender Types and Tier Levels: Additional Designations.)
Sexual Offenders committed one or more of the following:
Sexual Offenses
Individuals convicted of one or more of the following offenses are designated as sexual offenders and are required to register with Montana’s Sexual or Violent Offender Registration Unit.
Aggravated Kidnapping, victim less than 18 years of age and offender not a parent of victim – MCA 45-5-303
Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution of a child under 18 years of age – MCA 45-5-603(1)(b) or (2)(c)
Incest, if the victim is under 18 years and offender is three or more years older than the victim, or if the victim is 12 years of age or younger and the offender is 18 years or older at the time of the offense – MCA 45-5-507
Indecent Exposure
victim under 18 years and offender 18 years or older – MCA 45-5-504(1)
third or subsequent offense – MCA 45-5-504(2)(c)
Kidnapping, victim less than 18 years and offender not a parent of victim – MCA 45-5-302
Prostitution, solicitation of a child 12 years of age or younger by a client 18 years of age or older – MCA 45-5-601(3)
Promotion of Prostitution of a child 12 years of age or younger by a client 18 years of age or older – SB 547 and MCA 45-5-602(3)
Sexual Abuse of Children – MCA 45-5-625
Sexual Assault – MCA 45-5-502(3)
Sexual Intercourse without Consent – MCA 45-5-503
Unlawful Restraint, victim less than 18 years and offender not a parent of victim – MCA 45-5-301
Reasonably equivalent offenses of another state, a tribal government or the federal government and offenses that require registration as a sexual offender in the jurisdiction of conviction also qualify
Website Database Updated: 01/14/2009 04:08:04 AM
Source: Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registry
PLEASE CALL (406) 638-2631 Dept. Of Law Enforcement, Dept. of Justice)
OR Call ANY Law Enforcement! You can call Anonymously.
Please circulate this info and help FIND THE TEDDY LITTLE  LIGHT FAMILY!

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2 Responses to Update & Maps Little Light Family MISSING MT

  1. anne says:

    Praying from Minnesota for this beauitful family. I am shocked at the little MEDIA attention about this missing family. I pary they will come home safe and will continue to think postive thoughts and pray. THIS NEEDS MORE MEDIA ATTENTION. Anne Marie Robideaux

  2. Katfirewoman says:

    TY for your comment anne. It is certainly true that there was little to no National Media attention given to this case! Sadly, we now have conflicting reports of two bodies found 3 miles from Ft. Smith (Crow Indian Reservation) where apparently OTHER bodies have been found on the same private property. One says an adult & an infant. The other says 2 adults. As per ususal the BIA is "tight-lipped"…

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