Ramaris Anagal’s Criminal Record & Anagal criminals

Some of Amaris Anagal’s PRIOR OFFENSES & the case in which Jilleda Jay John was unnamed  (as was the other victim unnamed) in which case Jilleda was to testify but was found murdered BEFORE she could testify, even though she was under "PROTECTION" of the Navajo C.I. "Rob".  This article ststes the FBI had investigated the cases. Before or AFTER Jill’s Disappearance?
Tues., May 23, 2006

Chinle man gets 25 years for rape

By Kathy Helms
Diné Bureau

WINDOW ROCK — A Chinle man was sentenced Monday in Phoenix to 25 years in prison for raping his then-girlfriend and another female, and biting off his girlfriend’s fingertip so she would have something to remember him by.

Ramaris Paul Anagal, 32, was found guilty by a federal grand jury on Sept. 15, 2005, of three counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of assault resulting in serious bodily injury. He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Roger G. Strand in the Feb. 7, 2003, incident.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Anagal and two females were traveling from Flagstaff to Leupp when he beat the female companion, and after stopping along the road, raped her while forcing her to perform sex acts on his girlfriend who was traveling with them.

Anagal pretended to have a gun during the ordeal, and both victims testified that Anagal told his girlfriend to shoot the other female. The girlfriend testified she knew there was no gun but pretended to have one because she was afraid of Anagal.

During a stop near Leupp, the female companion was able to escape and reported the beating and sexual assault to police the next day.

Anagal and his girlfriend, meanwhile, had continued on to Birdsprings where they spent the night at her family home. The next day they drove to Winslow, where Anagal became enraged, beating and choking his girlfriend with a seatbelt.

When they returned to the Navajo Reservation, Anagal stopped the vehicle and forced her to perform another sex act with him before driving her to her aunt’s home.

Once there, Anagal again became angry, beat his girlfriend, choked her and bit her on the chin, ear and hands. He forced her to put her finger in his mouth and then bit off her fingertip, stating he was leaving her something to remember him by, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The girlfriend managed to get away and ran to her aunt’s home where police were called. She suffered a broken nose and had to have surgery on her finger. The case was investigated by the Navajo Nation Department of Public Safety and the FBI.


Sarah Deer included this case in her 2008 Duluth Sexual Violence Conference Handout:

file http://www.tribal-institute.org/2008/Handouts%20for%20Conferece/B5_HandOuts.pdf

Workshop B5 Duluth’s Safety and Accountability Audit of Sexual Violence

Sarah Deer

Ramaris Paul Anagal 32, of Chinle, Ariz., was sentenced here today to 25 years in prison for three counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse and one count of Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury… Anagal raped a female companion while forcing her to perform sex acts on his then girlfriend who was also travellng with them.

Anagal pretended to have a gun during the ordeal.  The girlfriend testified that she knew there was no gun but pretended to have one because she was afraid of Anagal.  Both victims testified that Anagal told his girlfriend to shoot the victim.

U.S. Attorney’s Oce Press Release May 22, 2006.  END OF FILE EXCERPT

Please read Sarah Deer’s amazing article at link above! Sarah Deer should be applauded for her work in this important cause:

"an ever-increasing epidemic against Native women and girls." Deer also brings up questions of Sovereignty, who should have jurisdiction, should tribes hamdle their own affairs, and the FACT THAT ONE IN THREE NATIVE WOMEN (1 IN 3) WILL BE RAPED IN THEIR LIFETIME; a CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE!

(Amnesty International has a report on " 1 in 3 Native Women Raped"  I will post that elsewhere here)


Jilleda was RAPED by this monster and now SHE’S ???? Dead?  Also WHEN did she "testify" as she went MISSING In March, 2006.  Who else had MOTIVE to kill her?

By ALL accounts, Jilleda was good person who was loved by all who knew her.  No criminal record, none.  WHO would benefit from her death? Was it Revenge?


The above is what Ramaris Anagal did to Jill, Jilleda Jay John, and now she’s dead… Don’t you think her young son and family, friends deserve to have JUSTICE in this case? 

And, there is so much more to tell you…

Prior Criminal record of Ramaris Anagal:

(NOTE: The below: 2000, in Chinle, AZ as reprorted in The Gallup Independent Newspaper; a sister newspaper to Navajo Nation News. The link is only available in "Cached" version… One can find alot of Anagal and other criminals/crimes and MANY Obituaries of very YOUNG people who have died (No cause of death)  in the old Gallup Independent Cached pages… )

The Independent
PO Box 1210 Gallup, NM 87305
500 N. 9th Gallup, NM 87301
Please send the Gallup Independent feedback on this website and the paper in general.

E-mail: gallpind@cia-g.com
Notice the cia-g.com

of http://www.gallupindependent.com/1999-2001/10-25-00.html

Chinle cops seek victim of burglary

Tanya Brazil
Staff Writer

GALLUP — Navajo tribal police need help locating a victim who lost $2,000 worth of Indian jewelry to a thief in the Whipoorwill area on Sept. 25.

The sterling silver jewelry a black leather belt with eight conchos and seven turquoise stones, two turquoise bracelets and a necklace were taken from a pillowcase in the cab of a pickup truck parked at the windmill.

Last month, the suspect, Ramaris Anagal, 26, of Chinle, Ariz., was arrested with two other men for allegedly burglarizing three residences in the Black Rock area 12 miles southeast of Diné College.

When arrested, the suspect confessed to police about the stolen jewelry he had in his possession and said he sold one of the bracelets to two unknown females who were walking down Route 4 near Pinon, Ariz…

End portion of article. 
Re-Posted Under Fair Use Act  (News, to educate, inform, etc.)
Who were Anagal’s 2 other buddies?  Have the police investigated his cohorts in crime?  Just because he "confessed", were the charges dropped by another "Unknown Judge"??? Did they ever find the "Victim of burglery"?  Or are they dead too?
Will update this asap. (In a search NOTHING is coming up today, yet I found previous Pages with Ramaris Anagal as suspect in previous crimes. Is there a "media blackout"? WHO does this guy know?  Is the FBI protecting HIM?
Much news in "Indian Country" is very hard to find or access. 
Check this PUBLIC site for all the ANAGAL & OTHER CRIMINALS on the Navajo Nation lands, AZ:
(WAS   searchable;   I was able to acces ALL the names in the database, but now I can’t.  Interesting.  Luckily EVERY NAME AND CRIME has been SAVED…)
Here’s the update on Roderick Anagal from the Public Records Flathead Resevation, Montana: RODERICK ANAGAL is currently being held in Montana.

Public Jail Roster

Current Inmate List

Booking Date

  Name(Last, First Middle)  

  Offense Charged  








MATTHEW ANAGAL 2008; San Juan County, New Mexico    (A Possible relative as he is in New Mexico where we see above that Amaris Anagal also had been in NM.)

So this guy is FREE?  Can go anywhere; He’s WANTED…

Where was he at the time of Jill’s death?

Has the F.B.I. questioned him?

I believe we have the right to know about criminals in "our midst", their whereabouts, affiliations, and more.


February 2008 Weeks 4/5 (2/22/08 – 2/29/08)


















From Sheriff’s Office Public Reports:







I must surmise that the man Roderick Anagal stabbed in the Casino incident DIED!? He was to be sentenced in Dec. 2008 according to a news article.






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