The Unsolved Murder of Jilleda Jay John, Navajo Nation

Jilleda Jay John, 22, was a beautiful, Navajo woman who lived in the Slim Canyon of the larger Canyon De Chelley in Chinle, AZ.  "Jill" was a young mother who was loved by many who knew her.  Her smile "would light up the room" and always make everyone feel "better" amidst the struggles and challenges in her Nation. Jilleda was finally laid to rest on October 7, 2008, in her families’ plot, after almost 2 1/2 years.
Her tragic murder remains unsolved and a killer or killers are on the loose in the tourist region of the sprawling Canyons in Arizona.
"Jill", was a quiet person, innocent and sweet.  She had endured many hardships in her young life, including a brutal assault in which she was "under protection" by Robert Foster, of Flagstaff, while she awaited the trial of Ramaris Anangal, her kidnapper and assailant.  She had been kept against her will and sexually assaulted by Anagal and his girlfriend. Anagal’s girlfriend was also a victim in this case.  Jill was to testify against Ramaris Anagal just two weeks before she went MISSING…
Ramaris Anagal is serving 25 years in prison for the assault against his then girlfriend, but was in prison during the waiting period for the trial in which Jill was to testify against Anagal for the charges pending in her assault and abduction case.
In "Indian County", these crimes fall under what is known as "Major Crimes Act" and the F. B. I. MUST be called in by the "Nation" to handle these matters.
Two days before the trial, Jilleda was "last seen" by a busdriver, and a security guard at  "bus barn" at dusk on March 3, 2006.  According to witnesses, a busdriver was taking home some children on a long, quiet stretch of road when "Jill" came running out onto the road, jumped on the bus, and said, "GO! GO! Somebody is going to kill me!".
The busdriver proceded to drive the bus, during which time Jill "just sat with her knees drawn up and her arms around them".  
One can only imagine what went through her mind during the 10 mile ride, past her own home, (3 miles), past her aunt’s home, her father’s home, and her grandmother’s home;  All of which were nestled in Slim Canyon, a private, 19 mile stretch on the N. Rim of Canyon de Chelley.  A Canyon with few roads out…
This writer thinks that "Jill" did not stop or get off the bus at any of the homes because it wasn’t "safe";  She knew she was being pursued, to be KILLED, and she protected her loved ones and her young son.  A true killer often takes the lives of anyone in his way or who could be a witness.
The recent murder in 2008 of the singer/actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and 7 yr-old nephew illustrates this fact.
Since Jill had grown up in the vast Canyon de Chelley, yet lived 7 miles from the small tourist town of Chinle, she likely knew her killer or killers.
Chinle has one supermarket, and 3 hotels.  Everyone knows everyone else that lives there.
Jilleda Jay John was supposed to be under "Witness Protection" in the Anagal case.  Anagal had actually asked "for the right to confront his witnesses" after he knew that Jill was dead.  He was only sentenced on the assault of his then girlfriend. At this time, and for privacy, I won’t go in to what he DID to those two women, but it was some of the most heineous behavior that I ever imagined was possible of a human being.
Jill, had on numerous occasions reported to Flagstaff, to "Rob" Foster where she stayed in a motel during the trial-waiting phase in the Anagal case. Mr. Foster is a Navajo Nation C.I. (Criminal Investigator).  She had once called a family member from the motel to inform them that she was in a motel in Flagstaff, and the phone call was "cut off".  
Since Jill was supposed to be "protected’ by the F.B.I. in the time before testifying against Ramaris Anagal, how could she have ended up dead?  Who could have had the "motive" and the "opportunity" to kill Jilleda? There are more questions than answers as the reader shall soon realize.
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