Jilleda Jay John, Navajo, AZ story and Infant/parents “Little Light” Missing MT NOW!

Ramaris Anagal had the "Motive", but not the "Opportunity" to kill Jilleda Jay Jon, as he was being held for trial (see first log here).
Anagal has finally gotten "time"; 25 years for the kidnapping and assault of his former girlfriend.  He likely would have gotten an additional 25 years or more had Jilleda Jay John lived to testify…
Public Records in Arizona reveal that Anagal should have gone to prison YEARS before he kidnapped, and seriously assaulted these two women.
Ramaris Anagal had at least 20 prior arrests, many with Multiple Counts, ranging from Misdemeanor Traffic Violations, to ASSAULT, to FAILURES TO APPEAR. His criminal record trailed from Flagstaff (the "safe" place for Jill?), Arizona, to Leuppe, AZ and possibly beyond. Anagal had been in trouble all of his young life.  His charges were frequently DROPPED, or his cases "DISMISSED" by a Judge UKNOWN…  How could this be?
Could so many charges or even one or two be DROPPED if lodged against you or I?
Anagal has at least one brother in prison in California… He’ll be out this year, 2009.
The Navajo Nation, AZ, has a Public Information site which lists 88 cases of people named Anagal as having committing a range of crimes.  There are many more names on that site which shows just how RAPANT CRIME IS ON THE NAVAJO NATION IN ARIZONA!
These individuals ALSO had many arrests, many counts, and also had their charges dropped in most cases by an "UNKNOWN JUDGE"… Doesn’t this seem suspicious?  WHO does this family KNOW?  AND, of the several Anagal names who have Outstanding Warrants, or Failure To Appear by their names, noone seems to even LOOK for them, yet I found them receiving AWARD Money at a Rodeo in the SAME YEAR!  If I can find them, why can’t the Navajo Nation Police?  Some are still free to roam the Tourist Region at Canyon de Chelley and Chinle wher tourists buy supplies and "guides"… Most people purchase "tools", Chainsaws at the One store there, and they buy on "CREDIT".  Is the F.B.I. checking the "tool" forensic data/evidence?

Recall that we are speaking of a vast, isolated Canyon area with few roads in or out.
Where everyone knows everyone else, except for, pehaps, the Tourists that visit Canyon de Chelley.

Planning on going to Canyon de Chelley?  Better take care… There are Murders there and a rapist… (See Rapist Composite sketch/poster at FBI Wanted website.)
But there is NO REWARD POSTER, as promised, there, for Jilleda Jay John Unsolved Murder case! 
In lieu of the above information, and much more information, more "associated" names found (not yet published here); the question is begged, "Could any of these WANTED Criminals have "motive" or "opportunity" to do the dirty work of killing Jilleda Jay John before she could testify against Ramaris Anagal?"  Or was her murder "Random" or at the hands of a "Tourist"? 
I believe that Jilleda’s murder
(one of MANY unsolved there; her boyfriend was found shot in another part of the Canyon (the Canyon de Chelley has many areas; North Rim, South Rim, Del Muerte ("of the dead") where Jill was found near Mummy Cave, and many more areas where no white man is to go, but Navajo Tour guides take tourists there on what are considered "Sacred" lands, all the time for $10.00 an hour. Also, a young woman was found dead there, as well as others.  I will elaborate on these cases as I can in future Blogs here),
was NOT Random, nor by a tourist.  Nay, this person or persons HAD to know the back roads to Mummy Cave, and the bluff where she was found, in and out… They had to know which trees to cut with a chainsaw, at what time (noise echoes), and where to place the cut piles of branches at increments on the back, dirt road leading to Jill’s body; to DETER the finding of Jill. 
Forensics have the ability to determine "Tools".  Each tool, even a screwdriver is embedded with distinctive marks in the metal.  Yet, NO forensic work was done on the branches and no matches were attempted by The Navajo Nation, who handled the "foul play" case, until the F.B.I. took over AT THE REQUEST OF THE FAMILY! (Recall: This is a "MAJOR CRIMES ACT CASE" and SHOULD have been turned over to the F.B.I immediately, but Navajo Nation C. I., Esther Charley, waited 3 days to tell the family that Jill’s body had been found near Mummy Cave.  Further, Esther Charley told the family to TELL NOONE that Jill had been found!  To not tell the many family and friends in the small town on "the Rim" that had searched for Jill for 2 months in the searing heat.  
(Strangely, another Anagal named Roderick, now in prison on the Flathead Reservation for Stabbing a man there, was always "around", but didn’t attend the funeral.)
Often killers are "around" to see what’s going on with investigations, or for some other sick purpose.  I am not accusing Roderick Anagal of Jill’s murder, but he has a criminal record of violent acts, and had also committed some other horrific "acts" against at least one other family member of John’s.  Motive? Opportunity? Predisposition?  We’ll leave it at that.
Back to finding Jill: and the obstruction of Justice & Critical Evidence:
Jilleda Jay John was found by a volunteer Ranger for The Visitor’s Center, and stopped to tell the family before Esther Charley told the family that a body had been found.
Everyone already knew in this small town.  The volunteer Ranger is NO LONGER WORKING at The Visitor’s Center for the Canyon.  It appears to this writer, that too many people just seem to "go away" or disappear in this case… 
I realize that I am making some strong points to ponder here, and maybe even could have threats myself. But, if I am able to make this ONE case PUBLIC, it would be worth any "problems" I may have for writing the TRUTH, as I know it, in this matter.
I will not divulge my sources for they need not live in fear! I will not live in Fear.
I demand accountability from The Navajo Nation, their police, C.I.’s, the F.B. I., and the Department of the Interior, (the last NEVER returned the phone call of the family in this case!) The Navajo Police did NOT do a Professional, Forensic Investigation.
The Navajo Nation did NOT involve the F.B.I., the family did.
The Navajo Nation police did NOT cordon off the CRIME SCENE; it was not taped off and much critical evidence was NOT collected, but actually found by family members!
When the family members went to the police with Critical Evidence, they were told,
"This is a crime scene". How LONG did the Navajo Police wait to gather such Critical Evidence in any PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATION?  Until the evidence degraded so much more that it took sending Jill’s bones to Virginia, where her MtDNA (Mitochondrial DNA from the mother) was matched for "Identification" of Jill; yet, there was all kinds of Evidence laying about and disregarded that clearly identified that the body found was Jilleda’s. (Unless there are so MANY OTHER bodies lying around the Canyon?)
Jilleda Jay John’s body was found in the Spring of 2006, a few months after she went MISSING on March 3, 2006.  Her "remains" were not returned to her family and laid to reat until October 7, 2008. The Ramaris Anagal Trial was scheduled during the time Jilleda first "went Missing".  It is also apparent that the Navajo Nation made little to no action when Jilleda went Misssing.  The ONLY Media attention was a small "blurb"
in "The Navajo Times", the Nation’s Newspaper. Indianz.com published the same "blurb" from the linked "Navajo Times", but what about the ASSOCIATED PRESS!? Where was the media attention?  Especially since several months passed before Jill was found.  Yet, Jill was portrayed as often leaving for periods of time in the "blurb".  Blame the Victim?! Were the papers referring to the time she was abducted for TWO WEEKS by Ramaris Anagal? Where’s the story on that? NOWHERE…
Only One person blogged Jill’s disappearance, "Angry Indian", who asked why there was no Media attention as there would have been had Jilleda been "white"?
No other Media attention was given in this case until her remains were returned to the family almost 2 1/2 YEARS later.  How, then, are those of us who "watch" these cases to know that someone is even Missing yet or that posts and pictures need to be circulated.
This is a Travesty of Justice, Human Rights and Civil Rights Violation, as well as Victim’s Right’s Violation, IMO.
The Family is "Shocked" to find EVIDENCE left by police:
The family was "Shocked" to find a "greasy spot" (shouldn’t that entire soil are have been lifted INTACT for Forensic Investigation?), Jill’s necklaces that she had made; a traditional bead necklace for "protection", were hanging down the bluff within 75′ of the body of Jill.
Skin, bones, clothing, a blood stained T-Shirt with a soccer team logo on it, which was, BTW, neatly FOLDED or draped near the body! A "red herring"? A "lead" placed there intentionally?  The blood didn’t MATCH anyone in the DNA database. At least one shoe was found, and socks at the top of a Bluff at Mummy Canyon Road in Del Muerte, about
"5000-6000 Feet High". No YELLOW CRIME SCENE TAPE "secured" the area.  The investigation was not professional and was not complete as evidenced above.
Further, The Navajo Nation VIOLATED FEDERAL LAW by not calling the F.B.I. at the first sign that this case was more than a missing person case! MURDER is NOT "Foul Play"!
WHY? Why and HOW could a young, missing woman, be so IGNORED by the News Media, and such an important investigation be so thoughtlessly done?
Why, Indeed…
The case of Jilleda Jay John exemplifies just about every other case of Missing/Murdered "Native" women; how "unimportant and "invisible" to society that they are, and sometimes even their own tribal leaders.  I do not blame "The People" or Tribal Members.  They do all they can: Put up posters, call people, have little access to Internet & Funds to get help.  They rely on the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) to get any info out to the Public… and the BIA doesn’t do it’s job, IMO.
There are MANY MISSING MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN on Indian Reservations. MANY UNSOLVED MURDERS… I will be putting up these cases in another Blog here later. 
Some Points to Ponder:
Now, we need to look at "Jurisdiction".  If a tribal Member of any Federally Recognized Tribe (over 500 Sovereign Nations Within the United States), and a crime is committed, the question of Jurisdiction takes place. But The Major Crimes Act SPECIFIES which cases are OUTSIDE of Tribal Jurisdiction.  In fact, the U. S. Government recently gave MORE Juridiction to Tribes/Nations in Dec. 2008. (I will need to create a seperate Blog for all the Laws, Major Crime Acts, and Current Status of Jurisdiction.  "Indian Law" is very complex, has many "gray" areas, and is difficult at best for Lawyers trained in "Indian Law".)
Secondly, often there are certain "stereotypes" about "Indians" and there is racism.
Too many people actually believe that Tribes receive tons of money, "a new truck’ every year, etc., from the Casino profits.  This is very untrue.  And if every member receicves a yearly income from Casino profits, it is usually about $7,000 a year (Cherokee Eastern Band for example; varies among Tribal Casinos).  If this, then, is the ONLY income, which in many cases it is, due to distance to jobs, (very few available), availability of gas, heating, and shelter,  hospitals, and more, then msot tribal members do not live in the "splendor" that most Non-Native people imagine! Certainly, I, myself have seen the POVERTY and associated woes, especially in Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Noth Dakota, and Montana on the Indian Reservations. (I have some statistics to blog as well in another area).
Another stereotype is that all "Indians" act in a certain way: the drunken Indian, the prostitute, the drug addict, and so on.  These woes fill the U.S.’s non-native population as well and as well IN SOME CASES. Not everyone!
Jilleda was none of the above!  Yet, her Missing status went unnoticed by almost everyone, except her family…
Tragically, too many cases (Is not ONE enough?!) are simply NOT put in Mainstream Media.  More WHYS?  There is a 3 month old missing INFANT and his parents are Missing as well fromt he Crow Agency in Montana.  Without my Internet connection alerts from our groups, I would never have been informed of this!  A 3 MONTH OLD INFANT IS MISSING! Where is the Amber Alert, Nancy Grace, CNN? The Billings Gazzette and The Missoulian (a BUSINESS website) have the story.  Where is the AP?????
Ok, I need to add this here now:
UPDATE: Relatives plead for help in finding missing family
By Gazette News Services
UPDATE 4:25 p.m. :
HARDIN – Relatives of the missing Little Light family pleaded today for help in finding the couple and their three-month old son.
Teddy Little Light, his wife, Juliet Toineeta and their son Wyatt were last seen at a relative’s house in Crow Agency on Dec. 23, according to the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office.
On Monday evening, investigators following an anonymous tip found the family’s 1995 Chevy pickup truck near Fort Smith.
"We’re pleading with the general public," said family member Cedric Black Eagle. "If they know anything, or have seen them, call."
Black Eagle, who is related to both Toineeta and the Little Light family, was among about 40 family and friends who gathered for a press conference this afternoon at the Big Horn County Courthouse in Hardin.
April Toineeta, Juliet’s aunt, sent a message to the couple. (Full article at link)
Missing family’s truck found in Big Horn Co.
Posted: Jan 5, 2009 07:06 PM EST
Updated: Jan 6, 2009 10:49 AM EST
Officials in Big Horn County tell us that they have found the pickup truck belonging to a missing Crow Agency family.
Authorities found the white and blue 1996 Chevy pickup in Fort Smith. Crow Fish and Game and the BIA now have the pickup in custody.
Officials are still searching for the family.
(PLEASE CALL (406) 638-2631 Dept. Of Law Enforcement, Dept. of Justice)
OR Call ANY Law Enforcement! Pictures and Videos at Site link.

This is a good place to stop… Will continue Jilleda’s Story in next Blog here.




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  1. Katfirewoman says:

    Still No news in the disappearance of the Little Light Family from Montana. Still NO Reward Poster in the Homicide case of Jilleda Jay John, Navajo, of Del Muerto, AZ (In Canyon de Chelly (Shay) where her body was found in May of 2006. The FBI is "supposed" to be working on the case. Tourists BEWARE! There are at least three UNSOLVED Homicides in the Canyon de Chelly! Also, a rapist is in the area; his poster is on the FBI website as a composite sketch. Keep your eye out and be wary of any "guides" who may offer their services to take you into the Sacred Lands there; lands where no whites may go… Keep your $10.00 an hour, and possibly your life… There are murderers loose in the Canyon area near Chinle, AZ. That\’s a fact.Katfirewoman

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